#475 Five Reminders

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

My Dear Ones, contain your inner selves, your balanced and calm inner beings in the protection of your own steady knowing that you are on a path of evolutionary growth. Even as you struggle, as you recapitulate, as you engage the outer world, and as you struggle innerly, so must you constantly remind your selves that you are leading lives of meaning and purpose. Though these things may yet be unrevealed so is it certain that, with concentrated effort on remaining balanced and focused on your evolutionary prospects, these aspects will be revealed to you eventually.

Remind your selves often throughout your day to:
1) guard your energy,
2) protect your golden liquid inner self,
3) keep in steady balance in both your inner and your outer worlds,
4) remind your selves that you are mature adults on evolutionary journeys, and
5) abide by the rules of travelers on such journeys.

Your future is already upon you. As you awaken each day your future is present, asking you to remain in balanced inner truth, staying on a path of steady seeking toward discovering who you truly are. This is your greatest talent and your greatest challenge, to find out who you truly are, just you.

NOTE: It seems as if Jeanne wants us to focus more fully on the rules of evolutionary growth, as she once again refers to her earlier reflections on what it means to evolve, contained in the sidebar to the left on this channeling page under Guidance. She is, once again, citing her Rules, Steps, and other suggestions for living and evolving from a heart-centered perspective in today’s message. Good Luck!

#474 Chuck’s Place: Projective Fire

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

My intention this week is to continue the explanation and exploration of the psychological dynamic of projection. My rational syllabus had been to broaden into the non-defensive dimension of projection, where the psyche shows us many parts of our unknown selves as they are reflected upon the screen of our relationships in the world. However, my appreciation of the non-rational phenomena I encounter, in this case a preponderance of synchronistic material, prompts me to focus instead on grappling with the power of projection, which can be so disruptive to our lives. No amount of intellectual knowledge can stem the energetic impact of projection, which ranges emotionally from bliss to terror. We must have tools to reign ourselves in from the dangers of such extremes. Furthermore, our ability to process or gain perspective on what is happening to us when we are caught in a projection is undermined, and of little value, while under the influence of such emotional intensity.

A couple of days ago, I heard a report on NPR about the current state of scientific knowledge regarding the value of releasing anger. With John Lennon’s primal screams in the background, this piece went on to challenge the value of cathartic emotional release. Evidence seems to suggest that the effects of cathartic release are temporary and, in fact, feed the fire, leading to greater emotional intensity; it is a bottomless pit. Despite my utter love for John Lennon and his Plastic Ono Band album, (my favorite album of all time!) I agree, in general, with this research. While it is necessary to empower an individual to have and express feelings that may have been repressed completely, or overly controlled, throughout life, release of feelings is not an end in itself. Release does not guarantee resolution. Resolution requires resolved detachment, as opposed to holding onto justified anger, for instance, which requires ongoing maintenance and essentially keeps one caught in victimhood, remaining oppressed. This continued attachment can also lead to opening the door to archetypal energies and states of possession, which I have explored elsewhere, in Message #456, Healing or Possession.

If the ego becomes debilitated by emotional intensity there can be no mastery and resolution. So, rule number one, in gaining such mastery and resolution over projective energy, is: stay an adult; maintain the integrity of the mature ego. Do not allow the intensity of emotions, such as love, rage, jealousy, or fear, to unseat your ability to remain in adult control of your self. If emotion is going to overwhelm your adult self, it is not time to release the emotion. Of course, the next question is, what to do with intense emotion that is welling up inside?

Intense emotion is fire! If you add wood to the fire it intensifies. Rule number two is, shut down the mind; do not add fuel to the fire! Thoughts provide plenty of dry kindling for a fire; firing rapidly they intensify an emotion. Thoughts might also add pressure to engage in behaviors to uncover more “evidence” of wrongdoing, which can, indeed, further fuel the fire. Allowing intuition, in its negative form, to run amok, like in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, Suspicion, where projection is allowed to build a story that is totally untrue leading to dire circumstances, provides more fuel for the fire. So, how do we shut this process down?

Rule number three: don’t attach! This is the mantra to say, incessantly, to the self. It states an intent and attracts the energy of intent to support it. Inwardly, it draws a powerful circle around the self, shutting down the projector, keeping the energy of the self, and all its parts, safely contained within. Repeating the mantra, don’t attach, don’t attach, don’t attach, takes attention away from projected objects, and focuses, instead, on finding inner balance. It promotes letting go of thought, a major culprit in projective fire. There will come a time, a time of calm, when meaning and clarity can be applied to the time of intense emotional projective fire. That time is not now, during the encounter with intense emotion. Now is the time of turning inward, holding onto the full integrity of the self, and bringing all of the projected parts home, which removes the threat of loss of self. With this action we can restore balance and calm within.

I find myself turning to the active meditative exercise Jeanne proposed for this weekend, as an excellent tool for dousing the projective fire, in Message #473. Walk through your day with awareness focused on your own liquid gold in a bowl in your hands. Keep your focus steady; maintain calm and balance. You don’t want to spill one drop of your precious gold. Don’t allow your mind to wander, or the bowl might tip. Keep returning your attention to your golden focus. All that is precious, all that is you, is safely contained and balanced in your steady hands.

As always, I am open to discussion or comment. Should anyone wish to write, I can be reached via email at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com

Until we meet again,

#473 Focus on the Cup of Liquid Gold Inside You

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

In spite of much energetic turmoil, I am inclined to point you away from its turbulence, asking you to, instead, point your attention inward. Yes, the outer energy calls, it entices, and it invites participation. It also desires to be fed, to be acknowledged, and to be granted your sustenance. It would be a mistake to stretch your self outwardly during this time. It would be a disaster to allow the outer energy to grab onto you and ride along, a heavy cloak attached to your shoulders, an unnecessary burden that will only drag you down and keep you from your growth.

During this new time of energy release, this next ripple of energy now being made available to you, for growth, find your inner centered calmness, inviting a balance of inner self, in order to utilize the energy for your own process. I speak today of avoiding the outer energy, no matter how happily it approaches, no matter how enticing it may feel, for in the long run it is more disastrous than it at first appears.

Your awareness of the outer energy is your first cause for alarm. Note how it comes to you. Watch what happens in your outer world. Remain aware that whatever is knocking at your door, calling through your lock, or rapping at your windowpane, is not to be addressed. Disregard calls for your energy during this next time of shift. Ignore them, not with fear, derision, or judgment, but ignore them simply because they do not belong to you, they are not meant for you, and because they will only sideline you and even, perhaps, hold you captive in a place of sorrow and mishap.

All of you, My Dear Readers, are being challenged now to hold your energy cupped inside you. Treat it very carefully, as you would a bowl of liquid gold that must be held steady and balanced, for if you spill but one drop, so have you lost a great deal of your inner self. A single splash or simple imbalance will send you far from your inner focus, your place of necessity, and your place of power.

Your power lies in remaining focused on that cup of gold inside you. Place your intent there, keep your eyes there, keep your physical, mental, and emotional self focused on not upsetting this treasure as you go about your day. Nothing else matters, energy-wise, for the next few days.

Of course, I do not suggest neglect of your outer lives, but I do suggest that these next few days are extremely important days of contemplation, meditation, recapitulation, and deep inner work. I suggest that you groom your selves properly, eat properly, abide by the rules of evolutionary growth, and understand life according to the new guidelines, so ancient, yet so recently rediscovered, that you are an evolving being, with a personal duty to grow and nurture your self in your inner world and your outer world. Your inner spirit self, your energetic accompanist, is now your greatest ally, and your greatest guide.

Cup your bowl of golden liquid energy, keep it glowingly warm, and tend to it as you would a most precious gift, the gift of life, of energy, and of future energy. Inner work, inner calm, and inner balance must be your focus over the next few days. By keeping these in your focus and in your intent, your outer world will automatically be brought into better alignment with where you wish to be.

Good Luck, My Dear Ones. Be steady and calm, bringing your attention frequently back to the fact that you are carrying that cup of liquid gold, bringing awareness to the fact that you must not upset it, spill it, jiggle it, or waste it in any sloppy way. It is your energy, your inner gold, and you are responsible for it.

Guard it well and it will, in turn, reward you with balance, with calmness, and with clarity of direction, without interference from the outer energy because you will not grant the outer disturbance any credence, as you keep your inner cup of gold now in your focus.

NOTE: Once again, Jeanne mentions the rules of evolutionary growth, referring to her own reflections on what it means to evolve, contained in the sidebar to the left on this channeling page under Guidance. Her Rules, Steps, and other suggestions for living and evolving from a heart-centered perspective are outlined there. Good Luck!

#472 Call Forth Your Inner Voice

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today?

Remain steadily focused on your inner work, with compassion for the self, as you take your journey. Find your inner connection and the guidance that is available, following the guidelines laid out by your spirit self, who already knows the path you must take. This inner self provides and offers opportunity for growth at every turn, advancing you on your journey by each choice and each decision you make, showing you the options that may take you where you need to go.

In order to more fully connect with this knowing inner self must your inner work now become your main focus. Each morning, center your self upon your inner core, asking for guidance, and for your virtues of truth, clarity, and awareness to be present with you throughout your day. Your journey entails being open to what is presented, freeing your self of old judgments, as you encounter what is presented to you, so that you may learn to acquiesce to what is offered, rather than fight it.

If you continue to fight where life is pointing you, you will continue to stall in your perceptions and in your direction, your advancement will be thwarted, and your journey stagnated. In order to be open to the guidance being offered, a certain amount of blind trust is necessary. Only you can make this aspect of the journey available to your seeking spirit. You see, the outer self, the ego is the balancer, the opposition, so necessary, yet also so often the cause of much of the conflict, the problem, as the process of life unfolds. Often the ego self, the outer self, feels that it is so much brighter, so much more capable in the world, when actually the inner self is so much more able to guide you into a new world that the ego self refuses to admit is so readily available.

By noticing the ego self, as it takes each day as it comes, so are you being shown the blockages that the inner self is confronted with. This process of awareness of ego self in the world offers insight into the direction to be taken and the challenges to be met. Asking the inner self to now guide, asking it to refute the propositions of the ego self, and asking it to show you a different way, a new means of perception, a new direction, a new method of attack in the outer world, is what I propose. Taking control of your inner core self, allowing the inner guidelines to become clearer each day, as you allow the ego self to step aside, will allow the inner self to forge ahead, in spite of your doubts and your fears.

A new world, a new life, a new you, will only be achieved by constant work on allowing the inner self to voice its opinions, its clarity, and by listening to the truths that it speaks. The truths of the inner self lie in dreams, in spontaneous reactions, in underlying thoughts, beneath the normal patter so familiar to your mental process. As your thoughts appear today, your usual judgments, ideas, comments, push them aside and see what words lie beneath, spoken yet often unheard, for your ego voice has taken over, speaking so loudly its constant rant of discord and decay.

Ask your inner spirit voice to come forth today. Ask it to guide you throughout the energy of your day. Drop your old voice at every opportunity, pushing away your old familiar thoughts and judgments, and find out what your inner you has to say. You might be surprised to find that you have a hidden jewel inside you. Don’t you know that it is just waiting for you to sweep away the old debris, uncovering its clear voice, which offers something new? I guarantee that it is there, the other voice, the inner voice.

Reduce your need to look outside for guidance now, as you do your inner work. Uncover your own inner guide. It awaits you, the adventuresome spirit. Take some time to acquaint your self with this aspect of self, which is patiently waiting for your excavation of its crystal clear resonance. Its speech will be immediately familiar, its spoken truth undeniable, its identity recognizable, its guidance perfect.

Generate a new voice, a new inner voice, by allowing the quiet inner self to speak, by asking the ego voice to step aside and to depart from its leading role in your life. Now is the time for a new leader, the inner self is ready to take over.

#471 Keep Your Two Selves in Sync

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance as we begin a new week? What is happening with the outer energy now?

In calmness, continue your steady walk through life though the tail end of confusion and chaos may whip you in its whirlwind, as it fires past in a last blaze of energy. I do not mean to imply danger, just be aware that the outer energy will continue to ruffle a few feathers, rustling and stirring some aspects of life better left calm and untouched. There do occur such instances of energetic turmoil quite often. Sometimes you may be more acutely aware of them, as they may affect you personally or those around you, and other times may they appear to be nothing more than a small bump in the road, though to others may they appear as devastating winds of change.

I suggest, as always, a concentrated effort to center the self for the week ahead, staying in calmness, and adjusting the self to remaining steady upon your selected path, no matter what may appear to thwart your progress, to feed off your energy, or to find your weak points. It is not necessary to do more than set your self upon your feet each day, fully knowing that you are aware of the need to grow, to change, and to constantly remain connected to your inner core, your strong and knowing inner self.

Acknowledge your balanced, calm, seeking spirit self, as you prepare your body, your appearance, your clothing, and your mental state for your tasks ahead. Focus on your outer world preparation, but do not neglect your inner world preparations, for your inner self is equally present and necessary as you go about your day.

Even just a moment of calm breathing and meditation may be all you need as you say hello to your inner self, checking in every now and then to find out how things are going, or how things are feeling for your inner self. Ask your inner self to be present, to be aware, to help you relax, to remember that you are on this journey together. Ask your inner self how you are doing as you pay attention to stressors, or feelings of uncomfortability, for it is in these moments that your quiet self will speak most clearly to you.

It is a time of must energetic activity, though how you react to it, participate in it, use it, and learn from it are up to you. I suggest maintaining your balanced inner and outer work on the self, no matter what comes to greet you. Your inner self is as vital a player in the world as your outer self is, so keep this in mind as you go about your day.

Life awaits, growth awaits, your inner self awaits further notice and attention, even as your outer self is so eager to learn and evolve. Keep your two selves in sync today, and every day, as you walk your path.

Good Luck, as you stay in calmness, doing your heart-centered breathing, allowing the self to interpret the signs that come to you, from an inner perspective, for only in so doing will you truly discover what they mean as part of your evolving life. Retain your balance at all times. Speak only words of truth, or do not speak at all. Abide by the rules of evolutionary growth and ask, each day, for your journey to be well taken.

NOTE: In mentioning abiding by the rules of evolutionary growth, Jeanne appears to be referring to her own reflections on what it means to evolve, contained in the sidebar to the left on this channeling page under Guidance. Her Rules, Steps, and other suggestions for living and evolving from a heart-centered perspective are outlined there. -Jan