#443 In the Throes of Recalcitrant Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Today I speak of attachment and learning a process of detachment. During this time of energetic activity upon that earth, which calls for reminiscence and learning to observe the self objectively, so must you also be aware of the possibility of becoming entangled in a web of your own creation. By web, I do not mean the web of interconnectedness, but I mean the sticky sort that will soon have you wrapped up and helpless the longer you struggle to disengage from it in your old manner. Such sticky energy is now apparent and eager for your participation in its game of cat and mouse.

Understand your own process of attachment, as you observe your self over the next few days, by taking care to not only remind your self to be careful of falling into your old traps, but I also suggest that you keep a journal going, at all times, of Observations of Self in the throes of recalcitrant energy. Such energy would be very happy for you to engage in it in a foolhardy manner. It would love to feed off your endless supply of tasty energy. It is up to you to turn your tastiness into a bitter experience for such feeding/siphoning exchange. You do not want to give even a taste of your delectable self-awareness, not ever, but especially not now, for this is a very potent time and the feeders are out in full force now. So it is not only a time to be very aware, but it is a time to use your awareness to your fullest advantage by shifting your perspective on everything you encounter.

Remind your self often to look at everything in another way. You will learn the first lesson in detachment by observing your initial, old, and well used reactions, and by then allowing the self to slow down and say: Wait a minute! What is another way of seeing this situation? What is the opposite extreme?

If you are suffering a pain, for instance, do you immediately think: Oh my God, I’m sick, I’m injured, I’m going to die? Well, perhaps you could instead say: I wonder what my body is trying to tell me? Perhaps it is telling me that I am encapsulating my fear and it is bringing my awareness to it in this manner?

If you can understand your sore throat as your body asking you to investigate the way you speak to others, and your self as well, perhaps you can ease your focus on sickness and place it on healing your attitudes, judgments, assumptions, and dismissal of others or even your self. Perhaps the pain in your leg is just telling you to remember something from your past? Perhaps your difficulty in breathing is reminding you to slow down and face an old fear? Perhaps your sore heart is asking you to love your self?

I do not mean to disregard pain as real illness, sore throats as indications of being in the throes of some disease, but I do mean to point out to you that all illness hides true secrets of the self, as yet unrevealed or thoroughly dealt with.

During this time of energetic convergence, with energy that desires your full participation and energy that pushes, so is it up to you to decide how you wish to deal with it. Are you going to elect to succumb to the energy that would love you to fall into old behaviors and habits so that it may suck your energy off you? Or are you going to accept the possibility that your path has placed before you some very important signs of who you are, who you have become up until this point, showing you where to go and how you can change?

In order to begin to learn detachment it is very important to become aware of how you attach. How do you attach to what comes to greet you in your life? Are you immediately stuck in an old place, so easily slipping into an old role that you don’t even notice? Or are you able to stop your self, at every step of the way now, and ask: Hey, wait a minute! What is this all about? Why am I feeling this way?

Then your task becomes to relate these questions to whatever else is going on in your life. By doing this you are well on the way to allowing a new perspective to open the door to understanding deeper issues of the self. As you pose new questions to your self, based on where you are right now in your life, so do you open your eyes too, because the next step is to observe your outer life, looking for signs and synchronicities that are showing you what is going on inside you. Your inner turmoils, even those of the deepest self, will be reflected outside of you in some manner. Where are your inner issues being shown to you outside of you? In your reflection in the mirror? In the aches and pains in your body? In the antics of the politicians? In the struggles of those nearest and dearest?

As you observe the world outside of you, the first inclination is to judge; to judge the process of others, for it is abundantly clear that they are doing something wrong. What is it that you see they are doing wrong? Now apply that observation to the self. What are you supposed to learn about this observation, this judgment that is so easy to see in others? How does it fit into you and your life?

Suspending judgment is learned by asking the self to take that judgment back and use it to investigate the self. For judgments, placed outside of the self, mirror some discrepancy within the self. To suspend judgment about others is to take back that judgment that so easily flies off the tongue and say: Why do I criticize others? Can I ask myself to do what I ask of them?

Your inner self is asking you to turn your judgments innerly now. That is how you will learn detachment, compassion, and non-judgmental love. It is also how to manipulate the sticky energy of this time to your best advantage.

I continue, respectfully, to offer these ideas to you, for they may help greatly, as you proceed on your path: Slow down. Question your self in a new way, from a different perspective. Observe your reactions, judgments, physical attunements, and use them all as your guideposts, showing you where you need to turn your attention, not in an old worrisome way, but in a new enlightened way. Find a new perspective, by tilting your mirror slightly, so that you are not always looking at the self in the same way. Catch a glimpse of a new self, a future self. And with that new view, may you proceed into this energy fully acquiescing to your abilities to stay in alignment with your spirit, who is only trying to show you where to go, how to view your self differently, innerly and outerly, so that you may notice all the gifts you are being given, even in these times of turmoil.

Good Luck! I look forward to being available as you light your way into the stale old darkness with a new inner light, full of awareness, and eagerness for the tests ahead. Use the light of new ideas, new viewpoints, and the underlying guidance of your own spirit truly showing you the way, with the light of your past, present, and future. It is already showing you where to go, how to go, and why you are going in the direction you are going in. You just have to see it. You see?

The light may not be in the form of light that you would like, but it is definitely there in your life. You just have to allow your self to reveal its secret to you, then you will be fine. But it takes courage to dare the self to tilt the mirror and upset the familiar cart of old habits, ideas, and progress, in order to observe the self and others from a new perspective, and to turn your outer difficulties, observations, and judgments inward, knowing they are meant for you in the deepest, most meaningful way possible. Do this with the utter calm knowing that life is a journey, full of offerings for growth and enlightenment, and, no matter how difficult the terrain, there are plenty of gifts along the way. Good Luck again, as I sign off now!