#442 Inner Balance & Outer Awareness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for us today? It feels like we are in the midst of some kind of energetic whirlwind. What’s going on?

My Dear Ones, yes, a whirlwind is a good description of the energy of this time in your lives. Just as a coin has two sides, so is there always another side to what you experience energetically. I continue to call for balance and for your careful study of your own energy, even while you remain caught in a whirlwind. Do not, however, dismiss the whirlwind. Do not ignore or pretend it does not impact you or offer you something, for it does, in more ways than you can know at this time.

Continue to write down your feelings and your discoveries about the self. Continue to study how you react, during the day, to what is presented to you. Observe your self and your energy from the aspect of the two sides of a coin. What are you noticing? Are you drawn to extremes of energy, from exhaustion to heightened alertness, or are you more stable, as if perched and balanced, yet still on edge, like a coin sitting on its end?

The energy outside of you will produce tension. It will introduce foreign substances that may interfere or seek to interrupt your self-study and your desire to proceed on your journey. It is essential to be aware that, even though you may have many inner decisions to contend with, you are also being affected by the outside energy.

As always, I advise inner balance and outer awareness in order to navigate such turmoil. Your place now is as commander-in-chief of your own vessel. Make mature and growth oriented decisions so that you may remain upon your course of growth during this time of stormy weather. I know that this always presents additional problems, because whenever the adult mature knowing self asserts command the big baby notices and wants something from the adult self, and other aspects of the self may also come forth when they see that the ship is quite stable and things are being taken care of. So this may be an additional point of contention within.

In order to remain stable, I suggest that you ask everyone to be personally responsible for them selves at this time. You, the adult, can hold everything steady, focused on direction and providing what is needed, but everyone has to do their own work now too. This process should be done inside you, as you speak to your inner selves, your little archetypes asking for attention, but also outside of you, in your world of family, partners, companions, children, etc.

Ask for trust and responsibility from all, inside and outside, as you maneuver through this time of energetic storminess. It will soon be over, but you have a few more days of turmoil to contend with. Good luck, My Dear Ones. Don’t forget to give the self some much needed compliments on how well you are doing. I extend my congratulations to you all!