#441 This is the Correct Path to Take

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Abide by the laws of common sense and courtesy, even as you seek balance in your personal lives. Do not dismiss your life’s necessities nor your position as a human being upon that great earth. Do not falter on your path to attain connection with spirit either, but gain and regain your balance as is necessary. With daily reassertions of your grounding upon that earth, and your inner focus on spirit growth, may you find your equilibrium. May it serve you well to attain and maintain this daily practice, for without it will there be delayed success.

I speak today of keeping your footing upon your chosen path of growth. Though you may, at times, be greatly tested, teased, and taunted, as you proceed on your journey, do not turn your back on this seeking self, but stay in close contact, close enough that whispered words of encouragement may be bantered back and forth. Though your path may not be as clear as you would like at this moment, be assured, by your resonance and your footing, that this is the correct path to take. For your inner self knows that the only way to progress is upon a path of spirit, whether it be difficult and narrow, or wide and joyful. So must you pass through the prickly grasses, make the steep climbs, and go beyond the sloping cliffs before you achieve your equilibrium, for that is the meaning of a journey. Your lessons remain tucked into the crevices and caves in the mountains, and in the rocks at your feet; in the wind at your ears and in the sun in your face; in the rain and sleet upon your hair. With the joys and sorrows of life may you find your way forward.

The energy of today does challenge one to be fit and balanced, to be solidly firm, and pointed in the right direction. Even if you have not quite honed in on your purpose, or your outcome, so must you find your resonance. Find what speaks to your soul. Find what feels so right that you cannot deny it. Find what needs voice and expression, and speak it. Find what feels like life itself, born anew in you, and in so doing find your resonance. Even if it is but the bud of an idea, the taste of a new thought, a far away dream, or long lost spirit joy, rekindle it or discover it today within the self who knows that life’s journey is meant to be special, to be fully explored, unafraid, fearlessly. For what awaits is not dependent upon your fears, but upon your detachment from the fears that hold you back. Do you wish your fears to be the reason you do not dare to fully live? Do you wish fear to be the basis of your life, yet again?

Each day do you have the opportunity to change, to shift, to begin life anew. Each day do you have the opportunity to start over, to finally pay attention to your spirit, which speaks so truthfully and daringly to you. Each day, you have the opportunity to discover what really matters. But your shift and your change to new life must be instigated from your balanced and knowing adult self who is capable of pushing aside your fears and your old habits, childish or otherwise. This balanced adult self must truly dare to step out into a new day of life, and a new life each day.

Today is a day of instigation, of testing balance, of calling forth the adult self, the balanced spirit self, for a talk about the next step, the next determinant, the next daring move. Falter not, nor think upon failure, for such is not the energy of now. It is instead positive, yet also asking to be released by your opting to open the door to it. Your own actions now will catapult you. But they must be right actions, in alignment and balance with truth, reality, and fearless spirit.

Stay calm. Stay balanced. Remain upon your adult feet while your spirit self accompanies you upon your journey. Lift your eyes to look around you. Lift your ears to listen. Lift your voice to speak and your hands to feel. Seek direction. Seek right moment and right actions. Ask for help too. You will receive it. Your answer will come to your resonant spirit self, so it’s a good idea to keep it awake and alert.