#437 Wait and See What Happens!

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages of last week guided us through some tricky energy and have been of great help in staying balanced and aware. What guidance do you offer us today?

Now is a time of acceptance, and thus acquiescence, as you follow your nose, leading you through the energy into greater awareness of your journey. Have you not also felt the shift upon the earth itself? The fact that everyone and everything around you has shifted focus now; have you felt this? Within your self and within your own lives, are you not, My Dear Ones, aware that the time has come to move forward now, as new doors open and old ones ask to be closed, after full resolution and recapitulation? This shift that I speak of carries with it the energy to do this, to accept the facts and to move both backward and forward simultaneously, using your mirror that I spoke of last week to guide you.

There is plenty of time to do what you must. You do not need to rush the process, but you must find the means to accept it, to understand the way the process works, and to acquiesce to it. Your individual journeys may be reflected in others around you, but, ultimately, it is a solo journey, one you must take alone, as you confront your issues, past and present, learning to accept that they are your challenges, and that they must be dealt with, in order to move on.

If you feel stuck, do not worry, for something will come along to move you forward. This time now will ask you to resolve old issues as it brings them forward over and over again, placing them in your mirror where you must confront them every time you look into it. Your past will be revealed in this manner, staying with your present self, until you deal with it. This is the unrelenting act of recapitulation, with its own energy that knows the right time, the right place, and the right method to induce you to acceptance of it, and acquiescence to learning the process, but also allowance to move into it more fully.

This is now your challenge: to fully accept your own process, allowing your self to take the journey as it is presented, and finally to fully acquiesce to its unfolding. The unfolding part have we not talked too much about yet, because I have tended to focus on your awareness of the self in the energy of now, and maintaining balance. Those two things must be cognitively attained in order for acquiescence to occur. Once you accept your world, your part in it, and your truths, so will you enable your self to move into total acquiescence.

I know this is easier said than done. I know that fear lurks in your mirror along with your past, as yet unresolved, and your future, as yet unrevealed. But fear is nothing more than an enigma that must be dissolved by your confrontations with it. As you confront your fears, dismantling your attachments to them, one layer or part at a time, so will you find that your fears belong to an old self, the old self in the mirror, who you are asking to smile at you now, to break through the haze, the maze of craziness that has been your life, and to look back at you with clear insight, asking for companionship on this journey you are on.

You can do it, you say. You can take this journey with me. You are strong and worthy, oh my self. You are free and unattached. You are present and accepting, aware and acceptable. You are present self, past self, and future self on this journey together.

Acceptance of self allows new doors, which are opening all around you, to be stepped through. Acceptance of journey leads to finally acquiescing to where it would like to lead you. Acquiescence allows self to be open, unafraid, trusting that not only the journey will lead you on the right path, but that the self will allow for the unfolding to now begin.

Trust is the blessing you need and desire for acquiescence. It is a gift that you can only achieve by allowing the self to take each step of the journey by shedding fears, shedding attachments, and shedding the ways of old, accepting new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives, as you allow the journey to show you what comes next.

Today, I advise quiet awareness. Do not push too hard to achieve anything. Keep calm and balanced awareness in your center today. Await the presentation of the facts of your journey and use your awareness of the process to allow your self to go onward now, one step at a time, one challenge at a time, one day at a time. Ask the self to wait and see, wait and see what unfolds to lead you where you need to go. You will get it right because it will take you to the right places of inner and outer work. Can you acquiesce to that, to letting the journey take you on its unfolding course, as your see what happens next?