#436 The Prophetess: On Love

We invite you to listen to Jeanne speaking on love, as the Prophetess. This recording is the first of a series of topics modeled after Kahlil Gibran’s classic work, The Prophet. (You might enjoy reading the original along with Jeanne’s perspective. If you don’t have a copy we have added a link to it in our Store under Spirituality, a new category just added.)

This was recorded “live,” meaning without any preparation or plan, unedited, leading to potential errors, such as the one Chuck makes in calling Almitra the Prophet, when in fact she is the seeress who communicates with him. The spontaneity of the recording session also means that Jan has no idea what the topic will be. Her role is to disengage from her ego’s thoughts, to clear the channel completely, to experience Jeanne in words, feelings, images, and sensations.

During the channeling Jan experienced the shedding of ego and attachments that Jeanne talks about as being part of the maturity of love. She felt herself shooting forward into a strong wind, like a rocket, with all attachments, thoughts, judgments, etc. physically being shed in the wind. When Jeanne spoke about love being available for everyone, Jan felt three fingers tapping on her leg and then immediately on her heart center. At the end, when Jeanne was talking about giving, Jan’s heart chakra opened wide with an intense burning heat. When Jeanne talks about love as all encompassing and also expansive, Jan was physically embraced, arms wrapping her up, then released, with arms thrown wide open, expanding into infinity.

This recording is about 23 minutes long.