#430 Trust Your Warrior Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today, as we continue to experience this time of shift and change?

Placate not the big baby in your self or others, but gently and firmly speak the truths that reveal themselves now in the light of dawn. For the dawning of truths is the new reality and the future must be based on the brutal facts that may come to interrupt the flow of your iniquities. Do not fall prey to worry. Do not fall prey to false assumptions and false pretenses. Do not fall prey to the protests of the underlying manipulators that exist inside you and outside you.

I warn, but I also urge awakening and alertness, for without conscious awareness of your own reality will you not be able to sustain your inner delight at the progress and the change now soon upon you. I know you do not wish to fall prey to your old habits, ideas, and fantasies, nor bury your self in oblivion. You do not wish to draw the blankets over your head or pull the curtains of your awareness closed, but you will be tempted to do so. Your balance now remains in focusing on the cold hard facts of your reality, your true life situation upon that earth. For there will be no progress if the truths and facts of your life are not fully examined and fully accepted. How can you move on, be free in your inner self, and free in your outer self, if you remain bound by old ideas, old darknesses, old methods of blindness, oblivion, and comforts that will keep you perpetually caught in a cycle of happy/unhappy, truth/untruth, newness/oldness, clarity/oblivion, in endless repetition, unable to move forward as the old wheels turn constantly in mesmerizing predictability?

Now it is up to you to jolt your self awake and out of the rut, leaping off the wheel of time that has you attached by its enticingly hearty motions that appear attractive, for it offers such regular glimpses of inner delight. But it does not take you to new places of interest and growth, though yes, it does treat you to good insights quite often.

In order to move forward now with the energy of change, with full participation, must you determine your own future based on the truths that constantly reveal themselves to you. Do not look to protect or nurture the old means of creating a balanced life, based on unclear facts and dim views of reality. Now, with truths in hand, make a choice for lasting change, a choice that will propel you through the golden door of opportunity, even though you do not see what is waiting for you there. Even though you are blinded by the light as it shines upon you, revealing the direction to take; in fact lighting your way; so do I encourage you to trust where your journey is leading you.

As a traveler, you have been preparing for this next leg of your journey for a long time. You have packed your bags with the essentials, knowing full well that everything you have experienced up until now has been and continues to be necessary for your journey. Now you are being asked to trust that the journey ahead is as necessary as the one in the past, that what is not being revealed is as valid as what was not revealed in the past, that your progress now is based on abilities already gained on your journey thus far taken.

To allow your self to be in command must be your next step of acquiescence to your self, the journeyer of truth, the one who knows full well that you can be trusted, for this you have already revealed to your self all these many years of life and adventure.

What do you fear? Do you fear others in your life? Or do you fear your own abilities to accept the gifts that others present you with? Do you request help and then refuse it? Why? Your gifts are meant for you or they would not be placed before you. Your gifts of clarity, awareness, and the gifts of your past are all prepared now in order for your future to be procured, accepted, and lived fully, which means differently, based on the challenges that letting go of the old and accepting of the new pose to you, as an individual journeyer.

I must admit that in my own life, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I confront fear at every turn. I was not so advanced as you may believe, for I struggled constantly with being drawn back to my child self, abandoned at birth, but even before then. My child self sought comforts that did not allow for progress, but my warrior self did not allow that child self to rule the roost. My warrior self stood the test of the journey, over and over again, pushing me forward, sometimes without my conscious participation, in fact quite often was this so. But eventually, as I acquiesced to the journey that the great challenger, cancer, took me on, I learned that the only resolution for the inner child was for her to trust the warrior side, the connected-to-infinity side, to guide us correctly.

We must all learn what it means to let go, to acquiesce to our journey, step by step, letting go of something at each step forward. That is what you must keep in mind, that the history of a journey is not just a moving forward at all costs, but a process of letting go in order to move forward, as we make ourselves available for new adventures, new ideas, and new possibilities. There will be no newness of anything, if we do not participate in the process, if we do not give as we take, if we do not let go as we accept our new gifts.

Your gifts are asking you to trust your process. Your truths revealed, no matter how difficult and hard to bear they may be, are asking you to trust them too. Your journey is asking you to participate in its unfolding, now with consciousness more often than unconsciousness, with acquiescence rather than holding back, with letting go of the old rather than being stuck by the limitations of an old world that is not only crumbling, but that no longer has any value.

Whether you look at the outer world or your own inner world, it does not matter, the analogy of crumbling change is the same. The question to now pose to your self is: Do I want to remain behind in the crumbled remains, upholding ideas that are as ancient as the remains around me? Or do I want to determine my future based on what I now know about myself, the truths I have uncovered and revealed to myself, and the gifts being shown to me?

Am I ready to reach out and accept the hands offering those gifts of change, put my hands into the light and feel resonance, even though I may not clearly see where I am stepping? Am I ready to say yes to the journey of change, trusting it, though the future is not being revealed, and even though it is just a figment of imagination at this point? Am I prepared to go for it, scared though I am, trusting that it is right?

Trust that it is right. Trust your warrior self. Allow your inner child self to look to you now, your warrior self. Allow that child self to finally acquiesce to the journey you propose; that your warrior self and your guides propose. Allow your child self to be a participant with your adult warrior strongly and firmly in charge, for this is how it should be now.

Your new leader in America, your Obama, is one of these gifts being offered, asking you to go with him into the light. He asks for trust, and for participation from all of you, as equal warriors, like him, ready to blaze through the crumbled remains of a society and a world that no longer function in truth, honesty, and love. He is your warrior symbol outside of you, but he asks each of you to become warriors too, for he will lead, but he will not carry. He will point out the way, but he will not walk the path for you, but he invites you to walk the path beside him in full warrior fashion, each of you present, and protective of each other, for that is the warrior’s way. It’s your choice. Now is the time of choosing.

Good Luck, My Dear Ones. I must stress to you that the times now hold the power and the energy causing shift, that there are changes, and there will be more. What is happening now is but the tip of the iceberg. Do you not understand? You really have no choice regarding the truth of change. But you do have a choice in whether or not you fully embrace it, acquiesce to it, let go of the old, and pull your self up, fully present, so that your choice is conscious, based on true facts, and based on your adult knowing self offering your child self the gift of warrior strength, clarity, and daring. Your child self will be happy you did this, mine was.