#429 Everything Will Be All Right

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today, as this unusual period of energetic activity continues to be present?

I cannot stress enough that the doorway of opportunity now being presented is the opening to a whole host of other possibilities leading to pure growth on a spirit level, both inner growth and outer growth in that world you live in. This time asks for participation and that is what I have been stressing in my recent messages. This is not a time to lie down and watch the world take off on a new angle. It is a time to participate in the energy, not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the world as well.

You live in a time of great change. Such a time is a rare, unearthly occurrence. It carries more significance than you alone will see or experience. Such energy impacts generations to come. You may feel the resonance of decisions made and actions taken now within your own lifetime too, and this is why you are being asked to consider the possibilities that will emerge as you elect to become more proactive in your own life and with your own potential.

As I have said, this is not a time to sit back and observe. It is a time to be daring, but not with abandon. It is a time to learn what it means to be an energetic being and to allow for a journey to unfold, as you acquiesce to your inner spirit intent, rather than be controlled by your outer world, your past, your old habits, and the habits of those around you.

It is a time to push your self to change now. Even while you hear that word spoken all around you, do not leave the changing up to others, for then will you not have the opportunities that you desire, but you will merely feel, in a peripheral manner, the energy as it wafts over you lying in your complacency. In your inability to participate, will you find your self left behind, a dying breed.

During times of great shift, when the distinct mark of evolutionary change happens, so is there always the segment of life that does not evolve, that does not shift, that does not flow with the energy of change. In all times of evolutionary change there are the ones left behind in the sediment, left to become fossils, remnants of an old way of life. Are you ready to become a fossil? Or are you energetically young enough to still carry forth into new life?

I do not mean to imply that this is a time of death, or a time of demise, except in a physical, mental, and spiritual evolutionary sense. If you do not choose to participate in this time of energetic shift and change that is being offered, so will your own spirit remain behind to dig itself out of the mire in lifetimes to come.

If you elect to participate in this grand scheme of change, so will your spirit have the opportunity to evolve beyond the mire, to enhance the opportunities for growth, and to be present for other shifts to come. Your challenges, right now, are your fears based on your past experiences, your trust in the possibilities that await, and your acquiescence to your spirit driven self. Perhaps you have not spent enough time getting to know your spirit driven self? Perhaps you have not listened closely enough to what it has been saying to you? Perhaps you fear the ideas being presented by this inner truth bearer?

No matter what predicament you find your self in right now, understand that you can change by electing to change, by freeing your self of old fears, by feeling your inner calm energy, and by following the true desires of your inner spirit self. You can not only evolve, but live a life based in truth of inner self, inner clarity of knowing connection with the inner self.

My message today is to ponder further your feelings, connecting with this inner spirit based self, not by thinking or questioning, but by allowing your energy self to become more known to you. If you go to your inner energy self, and calmly allow it to speak to you, so will you find that what it has to say may not be in words, but in feelings, in that feeling of knowing what is right, based on your ancient self, your journeying self who knows exactly what path to take, without question or fear. It simply knows, and it knows that you want to be told that everything will be all right; everything will work out, as it should. Can you hear it telling you to have no fear? Saying: “I am with you, your true self. I am present to guide you. I am connected to all things, to all energy. I am your true self, your wholeness awaiting.

Feel you own energy, My Dears, as that grand energy of change pushes you to flow with it. Your progress will be based on your inner energy electing and allowing you to flow with the outer energy. But your evolution is based on your inner truths being revealed and paid attention to. Find your inner connection and you will find your outer connection too. Now that will be how you truly evolve!