#426 Into the Land of Opportunity

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today I am leaving the platform open for you to discuss whatever you wish. Okay?

Thank you, but don’t you know I always discuss what I want anyway?

Yes, I realize that no matter what I ask, the replies are always in your unique style, with your unusual perspective. Where are you going to take us today?

Into The Land of Opportunity, My Dear, that is where we are going, for the doors are about to burst open! The light is about to shine through, and clarity of purpose is about to be revealed, if you are ready to recognize it and receive it. That is always the caveat, you know. Opportunities abound at all times, though at certain times are they more forcefully presented and pushed upon you, but your participation is what is required and being asked for, and only you can decide to become involved in such energy.

So today, I anticipate that this conversation will go down this road, leading to those golden doors of opportunity, soon upon you, as you make your way forward through life. Anticipate their presence, each one of you, in your life. Each one of you will find your self facing those golden doors of opportunity soon enough. What they entail, what they signify, will have very personal meaning and you alone must determine what that is. You alone must decide how you will approach what they offer, beyond their glittering presentation, and you alone must determine your course of action.

This time now upon the earth signifies a grand shift. This has been discussed by me quite often, but this is also, excitedly, being discussed all around you, not only in the spiritual realm, but in all realms, especially on the practical, economical, and political fronts.

Keep your awareness open and alert now for the signs in your own lives, My Dear Readers, so that you do not only place your energetic intent upon the functions going on in your outer world. Important and exciting as they may be, so is this time in your life also extremely important, exciting, and meaningful for you personally.

What can it be that is approaching you now to change, shift, and present you with a new opportunity? You must place your self in a good position now to capture your present as it is offered to you, your gift of opportunity. You must prepare your self, even as the world around you has been preparing, in many ways, for this transition. Do not just stumble forward upon your old path now, but make a concerted effort to place your self in a position of confidence and impeccability, so that you are ready to understand what lies ahead. Ready your selves, My Dear Ones, to walk through those golden doors of opportunity into the land of opportunity. As they say, opportunity knocks but once. But I say, opportunity knocks this loudly quite often, but it is up to you to have your ears open, your head on straight, and your energy in alignment with it, in order to grasp the fullness of its meaning.

Are you ready to move forward now? Are you ready to free your self from your old world, your old patterns of behavior, even your old way of thinking? Are you ready to accept that, beyond those doors, things may not be clearly laid out or spelled out? No, that is not the way things will go now. You must be ready to acquiesce now, if you are going to be able to flow with the energy that is ready to sweep you up and carry you forward. (See NOTE below.)

Be aware though, that even as this golden energy is available and waiting for your entry into its light and potential, so will you be drawn back by the old, as it very powerfully attempts to keep you available to its hungry appetite. Even the old may appear to be much stronger now, as its desire to survive intensifies. So be aware that yes, opportunity of an unusual and daring sort is upon you now, asking for recognition and participation on so many levels, but the old means of living life is equally interested in your energy, but for its own purposes.

Awareness of your place in life is now extremely important to you. Are you ready, after all this preparation, to fully embrace your potential? Are you available to accept the possibilities that lie ahead? Are you ready to acquiesce to the fullness of your journey? Can you allow your spirit self to be freed of the old, so that you may allow it to flow forward? Afraid or unafraid, excited or calm, eager or timid, it does not matter.

What you must now focus on is remaining aware. Use this time as a test for your future test of awareness when you will transition from that world, die in your body, and energetically move into another world. This time is the perfect opportunity to train your awareness. You have consciousness now, and you are being offered this guidance and knowledge of the energy that is upon you shortly, offering you the opportunity to jump into a new and greater awareness, much like shifting into new life. Use this time to continue your work in training your self to be alert, to seek clarity of vision, resonance of spirit and purpose, and allowance of spirit self to lead you in accepting your true journey.

I do not mean to throw you into a quandary of wondering what will happen and how it will come upon you. Do not attach to worry or discussion now, but utilize your awareness and your energy to guide you through this time of transition. You can see it happening outside of you quite clearly. Now shift your focus to what is happening inside. What is happening with you, personally, as you go through the next few days of energetic shift? Focus on you now. That’s all you need to remember.

And don’t forget that what matters most is that you evolve. So allow your self to come up to that golden door, feel the energy, and walk right into it. You won’t regret a minute of it. Welcome, My Dears, to The Land of Opportunity! It is being placed before you like never before. Do you see it? It is not an illusion, but it is an invitation to shatter old illusions and enter a new world.

NOTE: During this portion of the channeling, I had a clear visual experience of walking through two very tall and ornately decorated golden doors, as they swung wide open. There was nothing beyond them except light. I felt myself stepping out into nothingness. I think what Jeanne is saying here, is that we are going to be entering a new and unfamiliar world, both in our own inner experiences and in our outer world as well. She is suggesting that we don’t look to the familiar to guide us anymore, because it won’t work in a changing world. She is challenging us to acquiesce to this process, to not even look for the old ways of doing things to get our bearings, but to allow ourselves to learn a new way of being in the world. Good Luck!