Welcome Back!

Dear Readers,

We enjoyed a nice little break but are happy to be back to this connection with all of you. If you didn’t check into the website over the holidays you might have missed our special New Year’s Eve audio channeling session, posted below, Message #423. It’s rather long, about 45 minutes, so give your selves some time to sit quietly, do some heart centered breathing, and enjoy the conversation. Our intent is to produce more of these audio sessions in the future. In this first one, we worked out some of the technical kinks in the recording and uploading process, which could be a lot smoother. Over the next few weeks we will be working on getting that up to snuff, streamlining the amount of time we spend on getting it to you, and thus making it a bit more feasible for us to do more often.

We hope you are all well as we enter this new time of energetic potential and excitement. Hang onto your seats! It feels like we are in for quite a ride as Barack Obama really steps onto the world stage in a few weeks.

Be safe, healthy, and balanced, and know that you are surrounded by guidance and love,

Jan and Chuck