#424 Conceive and Perceive a New Outlook

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Well, here we are, a new year, and a new message to start us off our week as we continue this journey with you as our companion and guide. What message do you offer us today?

Resolve to maintain your equilibrium throughout your day, all of your days, for this is the best possible antidote to your troubles, your conflicts, and your unresolved issues. This is also the way to tackle the world’s problems within the context of your own life, as you must also be a participant in the greater world, while simultaneously residing in your own balanced world. I do not anticipate much discussion regarding this fact. You know this fact already. But do you know it in action, in reality, and in concerted effort on a daily basis?

Throughout your day, continue to maintain a calm but steady flow of inward turned energy. By doing so will you exhibit the qualities most necessary now as the world turns toward a new face among you, as the world asks for redemption from its past sins and foibles from this man of intelligence, who now becomes president of the United States.

The energy now, over the next few weeks, is directed, with great intensity, upon this lone figure. Though he surrounds himself with others of like mind, with truth at heart, so does he know that he is the one who is placed upon the pedestal of hope. “Politics” is now being played out upon the world stage, with all of its wily undercurrents and propensities to exaggerate what is truly needed. There are many plays being performed upon that stage now. Which play do you see as the truthful one? Perhaps none of them? Perhaps you see the reality of collapse, and of ruin, even as you see the light and hope on the horizon?

Yes, that is a good and balanced view. To see the reality of decline, the scramble to uphold false presentations and dictates on the one hand, and on the other hand truth being directed by a new light on the horizon is one kind of balance to maintain. This is the balance of truth without blindness. But it must also be the balance of direction and focus as well, the balance of truth and clear seeing and thinking, unmuddled by the striving of the old to remain prominent. This clarity must be maintained, no matter what transgresses over the next few weeks to throw you into turmoil and doubt.

Maintain your own inner truth, calmly revealed, calmly resonant, and then calmly sit with it throughout your day in physical, mental, and psychic certainty. This is the stability now asked of the American people by their president-elect, Barack Obama. Maintain truthfulness, right action, right thinking, based on the world stage. The world is your own little world, your personal world too. You all walk upon the same planet, the same necessities for growth presented to all of you.

Propel your self forward now, in your own world, by staying upon your truthful path, reflecting the changing environment. Do not sit in anger or judgment as the next few weeks unfold. Do not get caught in old ways of thinking, or of viewing the world, but conceive and perceive a new outlook at every turn. Enlighten your self, by looking toward the light on the horizon, but also keep looking at the light within. Know that you are part of the promises of change, and that you must energetically act accordingly.

Your lives do not wish to remain as they are, rooted in the old darkness. Your lives wish and push for change on an individual level. Do you not see this reflected all around you? Do you not feel the current of energy that is forcing its way onto your lives with its exaggerated attempts to capture your attention? Turmoil outside of you is reflective of the need to attend to inner turmoil as well.

If you remain directed at what is happening outside, so will you miss a grand opportunity to see what is going on inside. Ask your selves, My Dearest Readers, to pay attention to the inner you. This new year is full of possibility for spirit intent to carry out true change in the world. This is also true for each of you. You may choose your future, or you may choose your past process. I suggest that you keep your focus on that bright light on the horizon. What is it really showing you about your self? What are you being asked to do in your own evolution? Where is your next step taking you, as you remain focused on the light, balanced in the light, and open to the light?

Good Luck as you begin this new aspect of your journey. The darkness pulls you back to slumber, but the light of a new dawn is much stronger than the old sleep. Place your intent, your attention, and your energy on the light of change, and ride forward now as you see what happens next to guide you and show you the way to grow, evolve, and become whole.