#421 Free-Flowing Energetic Giving

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
The winter solstice has occurred. We now enter a period of deep winter in the northeast. This is, perhaps, a time of inner manifestation, after all our hard work. Do you have guidance for us, as we begin a new cycle?

My Dear Ones, look upon your life as always flowing. Even as you mark your calendars and celebrate the change of seasons, so is it important to note that life itself does not run on a calendar, but on its own fluid, fueling you daily as you encounter your challenges.

Continue acknowledging your own energy. By this I mean, no matter what is occurring outside of you, always check into your inner self. Whether in a time of celebration, reflection, or conflict, find always your inner anchoring self, and allow this self to speak true words of place upon that earth.

Your place is not really determined by the time of year, nor are your problems resolved, or your dreams manifested, by outer energy and circumstances. It is only through deep inner work that you will achieve growth, calmness, and the fluidity that makes for a life well done. Your attachment to the energy outside of you is beneficial, if you use it for your inner work.

I do not think I contradict myself when I say, that attachment to even spiritual wonders does not make you a more spiritual person. The only thing that will provide you with spiritual growth is your attachment to your inner self, your truth speaking and knowing self. This is where your attention must be placed, even as you energetically participate in good tidings for all.

You will stay bound to ritual and processes outside of you, rather than turn inward, if you refuse to look at your inner book of truth. Your time spent in quiet reverie, flowing with your outer joy at what life brings to your door, is far more useful than your perpetual desire to celebrate life outside of you.

Do you eschew ritual and celebration? That doesn’t sound like you.

No, I do not eschew the process of ritual, nor the celebratory days that lie ahead, but I do advise you to participate with your own meaning uppermost in your thoughts, as you proceed. Why do you wish to participate? Because it is fun, joyous, a moment of collective enjoyment and bounty? Those are all good reasons. But if you are not also taking responsibility for your own spiritual growth process, at the same time, then does such ritual and participation become meaningless and your energetic intent of little consequence. You see, your energetic spirit intent will only be powerfully affective when you have cleared the channel, so that it rides freely, without attachment to the ego, or to the ritual, but simply flows from you, easily, at all times, even without thought or preparation, because you have already spent your lifetime preparing.

Free-flowing energetic giving is what you seek, My Dears. You do not want to receive, but you do want to give in the most flowing of manners. This is your ultimate egoless process and achievement.

Even as you look upon your world differently today, aware of shift, of change, of a new season, question your inner self. What are you doing differently? What choices are you making to really shift and present your self with acceptance of truths you have elected to keep buried under the sands of time, the ice-coated mountains, concealing what you must some day accept about your self?

During this time of winter, I do agree that inner manifestation is possible. But in order for such progress, and acceptance of such inner truths, must you take your eyes off what and who is outside of you and allow them to turn to the problems of the self. It is a time for quiet now. It is a time for inner reflection. It is a time for deep digging in the caverns of your psyche. It is a time of pulling back the blankets, the veils, the layers you have coated your self with, in order to access your quiet inner self. Allow this aspect of self to guide you on its own terms now, unafraid, excavating your ancient ruins, finding your books of truth waiting to be pored over, as you sit in your warm homes.

Light your inner fire today, your inner lantern, and make a promise to enter the deeper places of self, still frozen in time, still difficult to access, still waiting to be discovered, thawed out, and explored. Do you wish to remain blocked by your frozen doors and windows; your ice caves? Or do you truly wish to know your self fully?

Now is the time to ask your self to turn your back to the cold, to point your light in a new direction of self discovery, recalling the rituals and the processes that have gotten you to this point. But now it is up to you to do something with the energy you have borrowed and with the energy you have cultivated.

Seek to sweep through your inner house now with light, with warmth for the self, with compassion, and understanding for the self too. Turn this time of giving and celebration inward, even as you give outwardly, so that you may truly achieve a state of total love, compassion, and giving, without attachment to wanting in return. Such a state of fluidity is only possible with deep inner work. As you begin to detach your self from all your previous agendas, ideas, and commitments, apply new ideas, changing with the times, learning just how little you really need in order to flow through life, totally giving.