#422 Who is Your Ancient Self?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity?

My Dear Ones, hold your selves accountable for your own journeys at this time and at all times. As you go into holiday time, take your complacency and activate it, so that your energy becomes like a compact vial of energy, available for you over time, as you learn new traditions, new rituals, and new processes of fulfillment. Do not expect the world to follow your example, but be a good example to the world of new habits, actions, and awareness.

Confide in your selves now your deepest truths so that your progress may not end as the year ends, but that it be allowed to flow. As I have spoken of often, so are you responsible beings who are learning detachment. Each one of you is being prodded to move forward, learning detachment from the old ways that no longer work, moving into new ways of acting, seeing, and trusting, in order to grow.

This process of newness must continually birth, in order for progress to be made. Do not lose your self in your old angers, your old patterns of behavior, or your nearly forgotten vicissitudes. Hold your self accountable for taking your journey along a new path. Idle not too long at the intersections. Avoid getting caught at the fork in the road. Do you see your old way? Well, simply choose the other way now, and your progress will be certain. Can’t quite recognize the old way, you say? Oh yes, you can! It will be so unrelentingly familiar and boring that there will be no doubt!

Keep these thoughts uppermost in your mind, in both your head mind and your body mind: I am committed to thinking, acting, and seeing differently now. I am in a new world, where everything is constantly changing. I invite myself into new life each and every day, as I wake up, as I move through my actions with purpose, contentment, and awareness of my abilities. I accept my new self as being perfectly capable of guiding me to accept my new paths. The choice is mine alone. I offer my new self as a gift to my changing being. The way before me is open and light. I am a changing being on a path of light, and that is all there is to it.

Find your equilibrium, your direction, your acceptance of your self as a new person each day. Allow your guidance to come from your deeply knowing inner self, as you see where the unfolding of life takes you next. I advise calm trust in this new self. See where you take your self as you allow this new person to lead you where you must go. Look at everything as a lesson, and then you will better understand what you must do. Do not accept your lessons as burdensome homework, but as intriguing research into detachment and growth in a new world created by and for you.

Each one of you is presented with a journey. Each one of you is being shown what that journey entails, each day, as you are presented with your choices. Allow your self to feel good about your life, as a true journey, full of challenges that are embedded in you from your ancient self who is pushing you to evolve. Your ancient self is just trying to get you to recognize this ancient side and to take the journey with it to fulfillment.

Who is your ancient self? That is the gift to give your self, as you continue your journey upon the road of life. When you give your self this gift of accepting and knowing of ancient self, so do you offer others in your life the same awareness that resides inside them. By your actions do you teach and learn. Be active; be aware of your power to change your own life and the lives around you. Accept your ancient self as your knowing companion, your guide who clearly sees the road ahead, who makes the right choices as you allow this side of the self to have a voice now.

Await your journey with wonderment, proceeding with confidence, taking full responsibility for your feelings, your choices, your decisions that will affect you and others. Give the gift of awareness. That is all you need to do. I love you all. You are doing very well!