#418 Return to Your Ancient Roots

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message or guidance can you offer us today?

Look forward to deep inner jewels, lying buried in your awakening self, even as your outer world deteriorates, falls amiss, and becomes but a semblance of its once mighty self. Look inward, as great changes continue to perpetrate and ravage the current landscapes. Mediocrity is no longer acceptable. It is time now to completely attach to new ideas and new ways of navigating the world you live in, for your old world is dying of its self-inflicted wounds.

You are beings who have the opportunity to evolve. By your very existence is this true. Do not doubt that you are in a place of opportunity and growth potential. Do not doubt that you personally matter; that you personally have something to offer, to give, but that you personally also have much to learn about that world you live in.

If you reduce your world to its pure state, of nature and man, meaning all nature and all mankind, so will you perhaps see what you have been provided with in order to survive, but also to evolve. You do not need to go beyond the provisions of the worlds, of nature, of the complex interconnectedness of everything you can touch and see. Put your hand upon the earth, feel its energy, and doubt not that it has much to offer. Look upon the growth, the plethora of plants, trees, and flowers, so readily available with offers of food, healing, and possibility of exploration. Do not either doubt your own ability to learn to utilize the basics of nature in their purest state.

Are you speaking of natural healing remedies, plant based, and such?

I am speaking of your whole world as being in perfect balance, offering everything you need in order for survival in human form. So yes, I speak of natural possibilities, of healing. But far beyond that do I encourage all of you to turn away from the corporate world, so greedily struggling to stay alive. Turn instead back to the reality of nature. Turn to your own innate abilities to recognize the possibilities that are right before your eyes. I do advise a shift away from that which is unreal, back toward that which is most real. I say “back” in deference to the fact that most of you have left, far behind, your innate abilities to recognize the bounty of your world, as you have turned to others, the greed mongers, to guide you.

It is now time to return to your roots, literally and metaphorically. Turn, and return, to your world in its glory and know that you are energetically connected to all things upon that earth. You are no more, nor less, important than everything you see and touch. You are equally present; equally available to learn and grow, and equally capable of experiencing your energetic connection.

Allow your selves to test your presence, in nature, in some way today. Allow your selves the luxury of feeling the air, the sun, the earth, the fragrances, the wind, the snow, the sand at your feet. Allow your selves to reunite with the energy of that earth, reconnecting with your ancient self, who knows that nothing is more important than evolving in a spirit based manner, recognizing that you are one with all that exists in your world.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Look upon your self as wholly connected energy. Each one of you, and everything in your nearness, is equally vibrant, alive, positively glowing with possibility. What is your next step going to be? Are you going to accept your place as an energetic being; interconnected with all other energetic beings; with nature, with the animals, and with spirit intent? Are you ready to love your self for this simple state you find your self in? Can you love your ancient self? Can you love your self, this moment, for who you are, an energetic being who is struggling to evolve?

Maintain awareness of these ideas of energy. Look upon your life in less complicated manners, in order to gain a new perspective. Allow your energy to guide you. Allow your self to refer to your inner knowing, more often, even as you allow your self to remain connected to all things in your life and beyond.

Present your self with this gift today of nature and your connection to it. You never know where it may lead you. But I suggest you pay attention to what your ancient self suggests to you. You may find that your refusal to shift is rooted in your ignorance of your own personal place, your own possibility, and your own greatest natural potential.

Where are you? Right there, in the midst of all that amazing energy. Can’t you feel it?