#419 As You Await Your Winter Weather

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have advice for us today? We have another winter storm approaching our area today and are expecting quite a lot of snow. What can we learn from our environment, as it changes again so drastically?

Be aware, by your weather related phenomena, that change continually makes attempts to shift your world. Each day are you given an opportunity to view your world differently as significant or subtle changes take place. Do you notice only the big ones? Are you not aware that each day is a new opportunity to awaken and accept a shift?

See your approaching snowstorm as impacting not only your outer world with new potential, but also your inner world. Do not sit upon your throne and think that you are safe, for always will there be something new to shift you from your stance or your secure place. You cannot sit upon your throne for very long, no matter how evolved or practiced you are in the art of inner work. I suggest that you allow your self to accept the process of life, the unfolding of life, the ungrounding of life, that occurs daily, in some manner.

What is going to unground you today? What is going to unseat you from your inner throne of secrecy and stubbornness? What is going to present itself to you, today, to further you along on your journey? There is something each day, and this is what you must be aware of. Each day is there a phenomenon, not only on your stormy weather days.

Your world is constantly shifting, changing, and growing. Your outer world shows you, in its quarterly cycles, in its constant birth and rebirth, that things change, and your expectation should always be aware of this impermanency. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever, unchanging. Even the staunchest of human beings is forced to change, in some manner. Even the mightiest of mountains shift and displace. Even the subtlest of flowers lose their petals, eventually. The grass at your feet becomes covered with snow and ice, forced into dormancy, where subtle changes are still taking place.

As you await your winter weather, as you accept the inevitability of this process being forced upon you, contemplate your self as part of the process, not just put upon by it, but actually a factor in the process of change. You are no more or less significant than the frozen ground at your feet, forced into change by the very air. Are you not also forced into change by the very air you breathe? Are you not placed in a position, each day, to do something differently, as the unpredictability of life approaches you?

Do you refuse to participate in life? Well, life won’t let you sit too long on your throne, ignoring the fact that things change. Nothing stays the same. Even you who refuse to accept your journey, your process, and your unfolding, are, over time, subtly, slowly, changing. If you fight change, so do you drain your energy, fighting against an undefeatable enemy. Would you rather not retain that energy for your growth and acquiesce to the unfolding of your life, so that you may grow with energy, with enthusiasm, for your evolutionary plan?

It is impossible to predict your future. It is possible to decide to stay stagnant, upon your throne, no inner growth allowed to approach, no growth acceptable. But if you decide to do that, then will you suffer greatly in this life, falsely presenting your self as rich upon your finely placed throne. But in reality, your journey will be limited, boring, predictable. Eventually, your reentry into that life, that world, will be a certainty.

On the other hand, if you accept the impossibility of predicting and laying out every detail of your life, so do you open the door to real life, real growth, and lasting change. Yes, you are all going to eventually die. That I can attest to! But will you die an unchanged being, or will you die an evolving being? It is your choice to make.

On a day such as you describe, with the unpredictability of weather offering you a new perspective, shaking you up, so that complacency cannot be your decision, the very energy of such a storm is knocking some ancient instinct into your body, offering you insight into the process, the unfolding of life’s journey. Are you going to stay sitting upon your determined throne? Or are you going to accept the fact that, mighty and strong as you may be, so are you susceptible to change?

Why not invite change to you, rather than wait for it to shake you up? Why not speed the process by accepting the inevitable? You see it approaching, as you see this storm approaching. Why not allow your self to invite an inner storm to shake up your life, offering you something new? Invite a new perspective, a new feeling, a new possibility that beyond this moment, this day, this storm, are there many more days to come that desire to be lived differently.

So, to answer your question, I would repeat that it is advisable to keep in mind that nothing stays the same. Even as you see your outer world inevitably forced to change and evolve, do you not also wish your inner self to progress and change, as well? You can fight it, but why?

Use your fighting energy for change. Flow with life’s inevitable changes as they are presented to you, offering you the answers to your questions, offering the opportunity to use your energy differently. You are being offered a grand shift. You are being asked to stand up to your usual process and look upon the inevitability of change. Then accept your part in it, delight in your part in it, and love your self for your part in it.

I offer you also this caveat: if you allow your self to accept your process of change, your energy will lighten as you release your burdens placed upon you by your expectation that things can never change. As you allow your self to accept that of course things can change, if only I will accept change, your life will become an adventure, rather than one storm after another to fight against. Now, that may be all you need to see it differently. You see?