#417 You are Beings Comprised of Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer us for the week ahead?

Look upon your selves as energetic beings; capable of exploration, and aware of the life you live as being all you really need to guide you. My position is that of guidepost, pointing out to you possibilities and what you may have failed to notice or learn as you speed along your path. Your questions asking for guidance are greeted with serious consideration, but I do also admonish you to remain cognizant of your own abilities. I prefer to aid you as you lead, rather than lead you to a place that you are not naturally ready to go.

Don’t you find that we are ready for what you offer, most of the time anyway?

Yes, I do. But I must also state that often have you not fully considered the ideas I suggest, for your lives are so busy. For instance, if I suggest that you remember, at all times, that you are comprised of energy, so do you react as if you have never heard such an idea before, though we have talked about it many, many times.

I know what you mean. We tend to forget that very important fact. It’s important to be reminded of it. It is such a liberating insight, but we still need to apply it to our lives, in how we live and interact, making decisions in all aspects of life. We still have to deal with the nitty gritty facts of life, and that is what we also seek guidance on, such as how to handle relationships and encounters with things that are troublesome or unfamiliar.

Yes, I know that. Yet do I also contend that if you did not have my guidance, so would you who are seekers find your way naturally. Your innate ability to explore beyond your physical realm would be your guide. This is what we seek to aid you in developing, for only in finding and utilizing that aspect of your self will you be able to evolve. Your inner abilities, your inner knowing, and your ancient innate self are all available to you. Your training in awareness must remain attuned to the fact that you are as equally capable of guiding your self as I am.

Do you not guide your self in your dreams? Do you not guide your self in many aspects of your daily lives? Have we not already had so many conversations regarding your innate abilities?

Yes, to all of those questions.

Your abilities should not be in question, My Dear Readers. All of you are beings comprised of energy. All of you are living lives of awareness. You are not attempting to learn a foreign language, but in fact a language that is already inside you, awaiting excavation. I am simply a mentor, a reminder, of what lies waiting, pointing out to you that, of course, you already know that, and that, and that. Of course, you know you are an energy being. You can feel it. You have experienced your own energy self. Now you are learning what to do with it.

AHA, you say! But what to do with it lies also deeply embedded in you. Your greatest stumbling blocks to accessing your innate abilities and knowledge are fear, doubt, and lack of trust. You fear what you don’t know. You doubt what you experience, and then you don’t trust what you know has been experienced. Your experiences in life are really all you need in order to re-awaken your inner self, your inner abilities of knowing (clairvoyance), and your ancient knowledge of how to use it for evolutionary purposes.

As you begin this new week in your structured, segmented, compartmentalized world, allow your self time, each day, to experience your energetic self, as simply that, as energy. Feel your self as boundless, as expansive, as unconfined, free energy. Remind your self of this fact, each day, and then throughout your day. This will keep you tethered to your ancient spirit self, who always was and always will be. And this awareness of self, as energy, will aid you as you allow your experiences in life to be more meaningful, no matter how bland or normal they may appear. Look at each moment of each passing day as spectacular and meaningful. Accept the fact that even if you cannot fully grasp the fullness of it, so can you be aware of the truth of it. The truth, that every moment you are alive upon that earth is a moment of wonder, will eventually begin to aid you in awareness.

Wow, I just heard a loud CRACK as I wrote the word awareness!

Do not dismiss it as merely a loud crack, but look at the synchronicity of it, punctuating the very fact that I have been stressing, that you are all aware beings. Trust what comes to you in your moments of awareness, in your moments of contemplation of your self as energy. And then expand that awareness, little by little, each day, until you are living in heightened awareness more often, more fully; grasping meaning and taking note of how differently you view and understand your world as a result.

None of this is difficult or inconceivable. You are all capable of feeling your own energy, of listening to what your own world is saying to you, and of learning to accept the truths of your self study. Allow your self to become your teacher, even as you continue to look to me, and others, for guidance. We are here not to keep you bound to us, but to teach you to evolve and become whole and complete energy beings, fully aware and ready to advance into a role similar to ours, both now upon that earth, and later, as you transform and transcend the earth cycles.

Remember always, that you are energy and awareness. You are beings who are going to evolve to another awareness. Use your time upon that earth to heighten your innate abilities, so that you may find your self able to transform seamlessly, already having shed your fears, your doubts, and trusting your self, your abilities, and your journey. This is good!

NOTE: This message today goes along with something that Chuck is writing about, as related to the shaman’s contention and daily statement that, “I am a being who is going to die.” After our weekend spent contending with the ice storm we are aware that we had some very meaningful experiences. We’ll probably be writing more about them during the week, posting them on Chuck’s Place on Saturday.