#407 The Collective Intent has Good as its Ultimate Crown

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you for the last two messages, #405 and #406. Chuck mentioned that your fairy tale analogy was very Jungian. I like Jung’s idea that we are all living a fairy tale, myth, or archetype. I would like to continue more conversations regarding confrontations and experiences in other worlds. However, I don’t have a lot of time today, so I was wondering if you could briefly address my previous questions regarding getting stuck in other worlds. Is it possible for someone to get so caught in another world that they cannot get themselves out? You mentioned that it was our choice to make, but what if an evil entity has us captive? What are the possibilities of rescuing someone who seems doomed?

Well, My Dear Jan, you ask too many questions for just a brief answer, but I will give you some nuggets of information to chew on and mull over. When you ask about being in other worlds and getting out of other worlds, so do I contend that yes, the choice to enter and exit is present, but may not be conscious. Awareness may not be the driving factor, but spirit intent to grow, to recapitulate, to experience something of value may be directly behind why people have entry into other worldly encounters. In your case, you were being presented with a possibility, but you were not ready for it, and that became very clear as you ran in fear from your pursuers. Little did you know that your pursuers were offering an unusual opportunity to follow your spirit on a different journey. But you were not ready at that time to encounter the spirit world. You were only ready to do what your outer self had determined was necessary for you to have experience of, in order to grow. So your running out of that situation was a personal battle. They were not an evil or sinister group, as you perceived them, but they were your own worlds of possibilities being simultaneously presented to you.

On the other hand, if someone is seduced into another world by evil intent, so must that evil lurk inside them, needing an outlet. To go into darkness, to test the very core of the self, to pull out of the self the darkness, is also an aspect of spirit growth. What lies hidden inside all of you, at your deepest cores, is everything that you could possibly imagine. You are all capable of everything. You are neither clearly cruel, heartless, despicable, nor holy, spiritual, or clean alone, but a true mix of everything. That being said, your lives upon that earth, your many lives, are lived in order for all aspects of the self to emerge, to live fully, and to recede, no longer necessary for spiritual renewal to happen. Once an aspect of the self is fully lived, so is it no longer enticing to the spirit, nor to expression by the ego self either, and the two parts of the self find new aspects to live fully instead. Does that make sense?

Yes, it does. But what happens to people who seem to be caught in dark places, not necessarily evil, but perhaps perceived as damaging, unfulfilling, such as addicts, thieves, murderers, liars, cheats, etc.?

As I mentioned, those lives are chosen because they are necessary. It is your judgment that they are caught, but perhaps it is just their time of expression of the dark side. Each one of you is no better or worse off simply because you are not limited to such darkness. No, each of you are equally challenged to fully live what your spirit deems is necessary. Your spirit pushes you each day, in many ways, yet do you notice? Do you interpret your spirit intent correctly? In your long ago episode, Jan, did you not choose to interpret it one way, when in fact it could have gone in a totally different direction?

You must also remember that all of this intent and choice and possibility that I speak of, is energetically driven. Your awareness may not be in tune, but your energy is always in tune and available. So, your energy directs the way things go, until your awareness is trained and conscious, or at least more often so. If someone is energetically caught in another world, so do I still contend that they are energetically choosing to be there, for reasons that only their spirit and their spirit guides may know about.

Should people be rescued?

Oftentimes, are rescues undertaken, but I maintain, that these rescues be also energetically undertaken by collective intent. If you slip into darkness, (as you did many times, My Dear One) your collective energetic intent, by which I mean your spirit, your spirit guides, your life necessities, as dictated by your spirit at choosing that life, and many other factors, all would play a part, in both your position of being in darkness and your removal as well. Were you not kept safe, even as you experienced the most dire of circumstances? Were you not energetically supported, as you took your journey through that life? Were you not energetically provided with everything you needed in life, to get you where you are now?

I maintain my contention of choice, yet do I also extend that choice beyond your conscious choice and place it in the capable hands of collective intent. You are all on journeys of the utmost meaning. You are all guided and protected, yet are you also challenged, each time you enter life upon that earth, to fully live the aspects of the self that must be allowed full expression. If you do not, so will you return to give them another opportunity to manifest.

It is often said, and by many prophets: do not judge others, for they are but the same poor sods as you once were, as you are capable of being, and as you must be. Place not your selves in either superior places, nor in denial of your own darkness. Accept your archetypes, your myths, and your fairy tales as aspects of the self that must be fully lived, explored and, when ready, laid calmly aside, another costume taken off, no longer necessary.

Your inner and outer worlds are collectively joined by intent of spirit purpose. Do not doubt this, but fully live who you are, so that you do not have to waste time doing it again. Use your recapitulation process to discover who you are, to discover all the hidden aspects of self, your dark parts, but also your good parts. That is your job upon that earth, to meet those murderers in the fog, and ask them who they seek. They may be simply seeking to alert you to an aspect of the self that you are unaware of, such as your mighty king upon the throne, dictating your life, though your spirit was aware of other possibilities.

This has perhaps gotten to be a long message after all! Good Luck, My Dear Readers. Keep flowing; and remember, the collective intent has good as its ultimate crown.