#406 A Fairy Tale

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today, I would like to follow up the “other world” experience that we discussed the other day with a few additional questions. On that day, in June 1977, when I had that experience in the horse meadow, I had been, as I mentioned, sewing my wedding dress. I had, in fact, pricked my finger with the needle as I was doing some hand stitching and gotten blood on the white fabric. I remember trying to wash it out, thinking that it was a bad omen, a foreshadowing of something, though I couldn’t quite figure out what it meant. But I knew it had to do with the fact that I was soon to be married.

My question today is, what did all of this mean? What did it mean that as I was sewing my wedding dress, I pricked my finger, got blood on the gown, then went for a walk and stepped into that medieval world where something sinister was brewing? Can you offer me some more insight into the process and the experience?

I am inclined to use a fairy tale analogy to explain your situation since it so nicely fits that format. You, a young woman about to be married, were sitting and sweetly sewing, blissfully unaware that evil lurks, always waiting for the opportunity to hatch a plan. Your red blood dropping onto your white wedding gown was innocence spilled, but also about to be challenged. Your desperate attempts to wash it out, to hide it, were, in fact, your deepest desires to remain in your own world, untouched by what was waiting for you, yet knowing that it was inevitable. You could not control the process, but you could, by your actions, deny to your self that change was upon you. Your requirements of your self, at that time, were that you move forward, no matter what, that you proceed as planned, in spite of the dire warnings you had given your self in numerous ways.

Your entry into another world, also on that day, attempted to introduce you to the fact, and I stress the word fact, that in spite of your controlling efforts were you, in fact, not in control. As you walked a path that you had been on many times before, so did you resolve to shake off the disturbing facts that were coming to you. Remember? You walked to get away from the consequences of your decisions. For as they were unfolding, you were losing control of your truest self, and your truest desires. Were you not being shown another world of possibilities?

Yes, you were being shown the magic that exists right before your eyes. You were the princess in the fairy tale who must marry because it is determined by another. The king says, “You may marry my daughter, worthy knight!” Yet were you, the princess, aware that you were not in agreement. And this was true. Your entry into the medieval setting was showing you the other option, opening a door to awareness, offering you a way out of your predicament. But the king, your own inner king, was not going to allow you to break your word, your code of conduct. Your determined self was in control of the situation, making sure that all was perfect. Even down to every tiny, even stitch upon your wedding gown was going to be done properly, by you alone.

So you must admit, you not only chose your path, but you also paved it piece by piece with stones that you hand-selected and placed at your feet. This was your challenge at the time. Many others have walked the same path; ashamed to admit that they were making a mistake, yet equally determined to do it right. To make a mistake, yet make that mistake a work of art is quite a common goal!

As you walked to shake off your truths, My Dear, your inner truth was not willing to be silenced so easily, or so finally. Your spirit self had other desires that had nothing to do with marriage. You resided in one pretty foggy world, yet was the day, as you described it, quite clear and beautiful. You could not allow your own clear truth to be seen. However, your spirit allowed you to be a part of some magic that day, in an attempt to offer you knowledge of things to come in your life, yet also knowledge of things hidden, and as yet unrevealed. Your life was being presented to you in the analogy of the scene, the murder about to be committed. Was it not what was happening to your spirit? Was it not about to be murdered?

The horses and riders chasing after you were but your innermost desires attempting to catch up with you, to show you that what you were about to do was going to murder your spirit, stifle it, keep it locked down for many years to come.

You had to keep the experience a secret, for your lover was not your true one, no connection to your inner truths could be found there. Your secrets remained hidden, as you told no one of your experience, but simply returned to your seat and continued sewing diligently upon your white gown. You were the perfect princess, resolved to duty, the inner king in control, while in the shadows lurked the truth.

The murderer was you. The deed done at the moment of escape from the medieval scene, as you leapt back into your sunny June day. Yes, you achieved a sense of safety, but it was but the decision to remain upon the path as laid out by the king, rather than face the truth of what you were doing to your spirit self. You see? It is not really so complicated. Yet at the time, were you but a child still, in many senses, but a child under lock and key, locked in by the king, who was the self as well.

Your journey into timelessness was, as I said previously, very necessary. You held onto that vision from that day forth, a nugget of gold inside, given to you on that day, a wedding gift, knowledge of things to come. When I speak of timelessness, do you not see how it all comes together again, as if no time had passed? Your world then parallels your world now, the two worlds of that day, and all the worlds since. See how nicely they all fit together?

Your puzzle is fitting together quite nicely, but perhaps it is no longer quite a puzzle, My Dear One? Take your pieces now, all the bits of knowledge about the self. This I advise all My Readers to do. Accept all your parts; your inner parts; your king, your princess, your dutiful child self, and your spirit self who is so capable and available to have experiences. Allow them to coexist in truthfulness; acknowledging, accepting, and allowing them to be present in this time of timelessness, with this gift of knowing who you are. For you are all those pieces; and your fairy tale is not over yet either. You have many more experiences to come!