#405 Invitations into Other Worlds: Shifting into Heightened Awareness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today I have some questions about experiences in other worlds. Recently my seventeen-year old daughter, Maggie, related an experience of literally walking into another world. I have also had many experiences of crossing over a line that clearly delineated one world from another. Her experience was very recent. She was at a park near a lake with some friends. It was night, around 9:30. As they entered the park she was aware that something did not feel quite right, that there was something weird about the energy there. She remained aware of this uncomfortable feeling, a little uneasy. She recalled standing on the edge of the grass where it met a small sandy beach at the swimming area on the lake. As she stepped over the line onto the sand everything changed. She was very conscious of the shift, as everything visually turned wavy, like rippling water. She also experienced a rushing sound in her ears, pressure in her head, eyes, and chest, and the feeling that she was under water, almost as if she were drowning. She knew that she only had to step back again onto the grass to stop the encounter. She didn’t panic, but it scared her.

When she told me about this I was reminded of an experience I had when I was twenty-four. I was living in Sweden and was about to get married. In fact, that day I had been sewing my wedding dress, something that I know is taboo in a lot of cultures, but nonetheless I made my own wedding dress. I went out for a walk in the early afternoon. It was June 1977, a beautiful sunny day, clear and lovely, the sky a crisp blue, not a cloud in sight. I walked along a path I had walked many times before and would walk many times again. It went through an area that was fondly known by everyone in the rural neighborhood as the “horse meadows” because at one time, though no one could ever tell me how long ago, horses had been kept there. The meadow was now overgrown with trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and tall grasses. About halfway across the first meadow there was a tractor path, which defined the beginning of the second meadow. On this day, as I crossed over the tractor path I entered another world. The atmosphere shifted. It was no longer a beautiful, clear, and sunny June day. It was now damp, cool, and misty. In my ears was a rushing sound and I could perceive voices in the distance, almost as if they were coming through a radio that was not quite tuned to the right station. My vision was blurry, shimmering, that underwater feeling that Maggie describes. As I perceived three or four people on horseback in medieval dress, under a cluster of trees, I was suddenly aware that I should not be seen. I knew that if they saw me I would be in grave danger. I stood as still as possible behind a small bush, trying desperately to hear and see, but couldn’t maintain clarity. Every now and then a few words would become clear and my sight would take in a detail. There seemed to be an aire of intrigue about the whole situation. I had the feeling I was eavesdropping, that I was privy to the final plans for a murder. This was a rendezvous, with a definite overall feeling of negative intent. Suddenly, I was aware that they could see me and I knew I had to get away. I also knew that if I could get back over the tractor path to the other side I would be safe. I ran as fast as I could, with them in pursuit, the horses’ hooves beating the ground behind me. I literally threw myself over the line, falling into the grass on the other side of the tractor path, back into sunlight, the same June day I had left only moments before, out of breath, my heart pounding, and totally amazed at what I had just experienced, wondering what it meant. I had no explanation for it. I didn’t tell anyone about it at the time, and it never occurred again, no matter how many times I walked through the meadows.

In subsequent years, I have had many experiences of crossing over a line. On one occasion, I did not return to conscious reality for several weeks. Then all of a sudden, the feeling of being immersed in another world abruptly lifted when I had a car accident. I consciously woke up, back in this world, when I hit a deer. I instinctively knew the deer was necessary to get me out of the world I had been caught in for so long. I still thank that deer for giving its life so I could return to this reality.

Maggie and I both wonder if you could explain to us the meaning of entering such worlds. What are we meant to learn? How does that line appear to be so definite? And is it related to specific spots? Maggie discovered that other people at her college have had similar experiences at that park. And another girl who was with her that night felt the same weird energy, though she did not have the same experience that Maggie had. It is rumored that someone drowned in the lake and she felt as if she were experiencing that person’s death. Are we in fact entering another world when we have these experiences?

I will begin by answering that last question. Yes, you are entering another world, a world that shifts you into heightened awareness. As you enter through the veils, so to speak, as you step through the veils, that action shifts you into heightened awareness. As you pass through that veil, it is removed. Your awareness is sharper now and you are able to perceive what you normally cannot perceive, since the veils block it from you. I would elect to call it entering another world, but in reality are you entering into a state of another awareness, tapping into your innate ability to perceive, see, feel, and know without forethought, or involving a thinking process. You simply know, by your acutely aware state, that something has shifted. You know, intuitively, that you have crossed a line, and yes, that line you speak of does often exist in the same spot. It is available for those to access who are at a place of openness and awareness, living a life that is more energetically aware than many people dare to admit. Your young daughter has the trust in her own energetic experiences to retain the details because she accepts that they are real; without judgment she trusts her experiences as being real. And that is quite a gift!

Many people are too quick to dismiss their encounters in other worlds, even though they have such vital experiences as you and your daughter have had. I know that you, My Dear Jan, have had many more experiences than you like to admit, and I also know that the process of leaning to trust those experiences as being necessary and vital to your evolutionary growth must be accepted and learned from. When you step into heightened awareness, your normal perceptions and mechanisms will not work as they do in your everyday world. Your hearing does not hear as it does normally, but it becomes heightened, along with your overall energetic awareness. Your hearing becomes ultra-sensitive, as you hear everything, until it hones in on the world you are entering and being shown. Your “knowing,” as I call it, is also ultra-heightened. You do not think or perceive in quite the same way as normally, but without a shadow of a doubt you are aware of everything that you are experiencing in a different way, instinctually, as an animal is aware. Even your body awareness is heightened, as you experience your energetic self. So even the feeling of choking, or difficulty in breathing, and pressure upon the body that Maggie experienced, although frightening, may still be experienced energetically, more than physically. When entering another world, all of your normal sensations increase in value and potential and, if you retain your calmness, you can have quite an experience.

Why are we offered these experiences?

In most cases, one is offered such opportunity in order to grow. For in no other way will you be able to understand what energy is all about without having experiences. Without experiences will you not understand good and evil. You will not understand how communication and guidance is possible. You will not be able to trust your own journey if you do not understand that such opportunities are available. But also know that you do have experiences, and quite often.

Many times are the lines into other worlds less defined than what you speak of. Often is awareness not increased to such a heightened state, yet are you in another world. In such cases, dullness is more likely experienced, a void, or a state of waking sleep, where you clearly cannot shake your self out of a state that has you caught. Such occurrences are also meant to offer you the opportunity to recognize that the world you live in is not so clear cut and tactile as you might want to believe, but that it is, in fact, quite amorphous.

If you can perceive of your self, and everyone and everything in your world, as energy, vibratory energy in constant motion, so can you perhaps more easily understand what I am talking about. If you look around you at your solid world and say: “Okay, that chair is not really solid, but is, in fact, simply defined by my perceiving it as solid,” so perhaps can you also imagine that you can perceive energy as anything you like. Keep in mind that energy is all around you, in formless presence, as well as in the concrete world you have created because you know it as such. You know a chair is a chair because you have learned that it is so. But if you are in a state of heightened awareness then everything will be perceived as energy. This energy is not seen, but it is known, which is a different seeing perception. Knowing is awareness of energy. It is awareness of perceiving other energy beside your own, and this is what you have described in your experiences.

Why and how did I enter a world that appeared to be medieval? What was I specifically being shown in that encounter?

You were being offered the opportunity to experience timelessness; no time; the experience of pure energy, without the definitions of time and space, as you know it. I have often imparted the knowledge that time and space do not exist, that everything is and has always been, that all worlds are one world, existing simultaneously. As awareness is trained and heightened, so are you more able and available to experience all worlds. You entered another world, one that you had learned had happened a long time ago, one that was labeled “medieval,” yet could you enter it in present time, for there are no time zones, there are no centuries and years where energy is concerned. Those things, those definitions, are merely well-utilized in your concrete world of learning, in order to teach you the difference once you have experienced timeless energy. All worlds are simultaneously in existence. When I speak of being right with you, yet in another world, so is it true, but you will not understand this until you experience it. You, Jan, have already seen me in your world, though I exist in another.

Many among you have had energetic experiences that you could not explain. You have gone into other worlds, and returned from them. But you have often returned confused, or electing to disbelieve, to push aside your encounters with energy, as too absurd, too frightening, or too troubling to retain awareness of. But I seek to tell you, now, that these are the experiences you need in order to evolve. How can you evolve to another world, when you die, if you are not ready to accept that such worlds exist? By your experiences, you are being given the opportunity to track and study how these shifts to other realities take place, so that, as they happen again and again, you may retain your awareness of them. And so you may begin to live differently as a result of them too.

I can say, that as I gained awareness of other worlds, and as I recapitulated, I realized that throughout my life I have entered many worlds, and do almost every day, in some way. Sometimes a shift is very subtle, but it is experienced nonetheless. But, I think I would not have gotten to such a place of acceptance, trust, and awareness if I did not dare myself to push through my doubts and fears.

Yes, the human is burdened with fear and doubt. They are your greatest gifts and challenges. If you look at your life, what else has truly challenged you? You will find that they are at the root of everything. Fear is your first biggest block, and then must your doubt be hammered down and broken through in order for you to regain the awareness, innocence, and trust that you are born into that world with. You did not enter that world clothed in fear and doubt, but you entered it naked, with awareness, and knowing, able to see all worlds at once. But as you grew your awareness was taught over, that the world is concrete, tactile, and limited. It is your challenge to hold onto, to re-discover, the awareness that you were born with, but that was immediately clothed in the perceptions of the world you live in.

These ideas of energy and awareness have I spoken of often. Your experiences, My Dearest Jan and Maggie, are simply your lessons in awareness re-igniting and re-awakening. Your wings of knowing are being offered to you each time you have an experience that so jolts you. But keep in mind that each day are you also having tiny jolts that may not be quite so abrupt or noticeable, but they are happening nonetheless.

In conclusion, I suggest that you, and all of My Readers, attempt to anchor your selves in your awareness, reminding your self that you are in training, that you are a student of other realities. Remain open to experiences, but retain your anchor in your world, always, in order to keep your balance. You are in control of when you elect to step back over the line that defines one world from another. But as you step back over, please do not dismiss or forget the experiences you have had. For they are extremely meaningful and valuable, teaching you about energy in its purest form, without the confines of time and space, as defined by the minds of men who fear and doubt their own experiences.

I don’t feel that I did have control of stepping back over the line in my experience of hitting the deer. I felt it was the deer that jolted me back. Did I in fact have control? Could I have gotten back on my own?

Yes, My Dear, you could have, yet do I know that you needed that valuable time lost in that other world. Do not doubt that you elected to hit that deer, as much as that deer elected to stop you from continuing your forays into the other world. It was time for you to return and you both knew it.

What about people who get caught in dark places, by dark, negative, or evil energy?

That is another story, which we will discuss another time. But be aware that just as it was your choice to return from one world by violent means as you crashed into that deer, so is it a choice to enter and experience the dark side. Many of you may have that experience in this lifetime, while others of you may already have had your full experience of the dark side in other lives. Do not doubt that your experiences in other lives are also meaningful. Your accumulated experiences are part of your growth. I can see we still have many things to talk about, but this is enough for today, My Dear One!

Continue your journeys. Do not reduce your experiences to frightening encounters, but accept them as invitations into other worlds. You must be ready for such experiences or you would not be receiving such enticing invitations. Stay calm and balanced as you continue to go forward. And remember, you are surrounded by good. Awareness of this will keep you safe. Your own strong energy will be your protection, if you keep it alive and strong with this intent of good. Trust what you are being shown, My Dears. It is reality. It is energy. And it is valuable and meaningful that you allow your awareness to grow and be practiced in this manner. Good Luck!