#398 All Worlds are One World

Today I asked Jeanne to comment on the election of Barack Obama in this post. There is also another message for today posted below, Message #397, regarding the recapitulation process.

Dear Jeanne,
Can you offer us some insight into the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States?

Desire for change is strong and this energy of now reveals this truth in your election process results. Notice this as not only an election for change, but as a new trend in politics, in life, but also in the world. For the world is no longer strange. It is no longer black and white. It is no longer rich and poor. Though you still see those divides, have the barriers been breaking, the walls falling, the gates springing open for many years. The world is fusing, My Dears, into one world. Just as I often speak of all worlds being one world, so are you experiencing this in your reality now.

You are all one. You are all energy. You are all spirit. You do not need to fear, to barricade your selves from each other. For, in truth, are you indeed all one. The world is dissolving into a new homogeneous society of no differences, no distraction, no disputes. It will continue to take some time, but a new world has begun, as it should. For, in truth, are you all one; free energy beings. Time to learn more fully what that means. Allow this man, who walks now upon the stage, to show you what it means to dissolve differences, not only in your country, but worldwide. I salute your American daring!