#399 Choose to Flow; Make the Shift; There is No Other Option

Today, Jan asks Jeanne for guidance.

Dear Jeanne,
Today is Friday, the end of a very intensely emotional week. Each day seemed to carry energy extremes followed by exhaustion. All of that up and down energy has been experientially interesting, but I’m wondering if we have something a little calmer to look forward to. Can you speak about the energy of the next few days, and offer guidance, now that we seem to have really achieved a place of shift?

Energetically speaking, have you been experiencing a rarity. A mass shift in awareness has taken place. Even if your own awareness is not keen to this outside of you, so will you begin to realize it inside you as the next few days unfold in a continuation of such energy that causes shift of such cataclysmic proportions. I do not mean this in the normal sense of bursting or abrupt shift, noticeable, and in-your-face-obvious. But I mean this on a very deep, almost cellular level, a very subtle, but undeniable shifting of energy in each one of you.

Your direction now is carved out quite clearly. Do you see it before you? Do you have a good picture of your place now upon that earth and what you must do in order to evolve? Do you instinctively feel the direction you must proceed in now?

Though you may attempt to deny that truths have been revealed, and though you may wish to remain in a state of lazy complacency, so do I suggest that you flow with the waves of change, for they are mighty and powerful, but they are also present for personal growth and gain.

I do not like to prod. I prefer that you choose to flow; that you accept the necessity of change; that you decide that there is no other choice to make, all on your own. But this time, with this great flow of positive and revealing energy now so readily available and so deeply penetrating, do I ask that you make the shift. I dare to ask you to read and interpret your life now as not only needing change, but that there is no other option.

I do not often make such a definite request. More often than not do I prefer to ask you to consider making change, to process the idea, and then to choose how you want to proceed. But now, My Dear Readers, do I suggest most heartily, and with love and compassion for you and your journeys, that you take the leap forward, for it is not only necessary, but it is about time. If you are going to remain on the path of growth, I urge you not to miss this opportunity, for it will not return for a long time to come. I do not like to hear regrets, or moans of, “I should have.” Now is your time, My Dear Ones.

Now during this time of energetic alignment and joining of powerful forces are you being offered the acceptance of your true path, your next step, your future to discovering your own power, your own potential, and your means of being able to continue at a rapid pace forward.

Complacency or shift? What do you choose? For though I urge, is it still your choice to make. Do you not see the signs of change all around you? Do you not see that you are privileged to live during this time of not only historic proportions, but also spiritual awakening, which is personal, but also collective? Why are you alive now? Why have you been offered the opportunity to live in such times? Why have you been awakened? Why are you reading these messages I offer? Why are you there?

I’m sure you think about those things often enough. Do not get caught in the questions, but use them to shift your self to your inner truths. That is what this is all about, you know; truths exposed, revealed, spoken, delivered, and accepted. Accept your truths. Speak your truths. But also hold them before your self, and ask your self to be accountable to the new discoveries that you have made about your self; that have been revealed; as the energy aids you in pulling back the veils, forcing open the doors, and swiping aside the covers, revealing the truths that will set you on your true path.

Okay, so have I pontificated enough? The next few days and even the next few weeks will maintain an aire of importance and explosive energy that will continue to guide you. I warn, first of all, that you do not trust everything you hear. For this energy is available for negative as well as positive progress. Just because you are on a path of good, does not mean that all others are too. This energy is available to whomever desires it and discovers how to utilize it. So keep that in mind. You may be ready to accept your truths and use the energy to move forward, but others in your life may feel the opposite and use the energy to dig themselves deeper into their pits of darkness and despair. So watch out where you place your focus, and be smart as you utilize the energy.

Do not push others aside without stating your truths, but also revealing the love and compassion that is stirring inside you. You are being presented with insights into the struggles that all encounter as they go through life. So do not dismiss or judge the details of conflict belonging to others as any less important and meaningful than your own. This is a most important factor and the second big awareness to maintain during this time of profound change and opportunity. Do not push aside the problems and dilemmas of others simply to gain progress for your self. If appropriate, offer what you know in order to aid them to reach a place of shift too, or for them to reach a place of concerted choice; choice for them selves, without your participation, without your making it for them, but being available to urge them to face their truths, and grab on to this opportunity to shift in their own direction. For that is the third option you have available, and that is clarity. You are all being clearly shown a new vision, a new way of life, a new direction. And as I have already said, this is the direction that must be taken for shift and change to affect all mankind, in all aspects of life upon that earth.

You are not alone in your struggles right now. No matter how simple or how complicated they may seem, so is everyone struggling with some aspect of growth. Everyone is being urged to do something to move forward now, to opt for the energy of change that will lead you all in a new direction.

So, I end this message of guidance with these words: Go innerly. Go deeply calm and quiet, and really listen to your inner voice of truth and reason. And then, dare your self to walk your new path and become a part of this energy of change that is monumentally drastic in its power, but is also full of love and compassion for you as you take your journey. And that means that it is powerfully offered, topped off with plenty of guidance. How much more inspiration, incentive, and words of safety do you need? You will be safe. You will be guided. You will be offered all the energy you need, for the energy now is universal. And that means that it expands beyond just you.

There are great forces at work to bring about this monumental shift. I urge you all to accept your appointment with your own agent of change, your self. You are your own agent of change. You have every ability and every quality to move forward now. I’m looking forward to hearing how you all do, as I wait for you down the road. Be truthful. Be loving. Be aware. Read the signs that now are so clear.

NOTE: We will be starting a new blog, Chuck’s Place, with the first message coming on Saturday, titled, “America Chooses the Black Doll.” So look for that. This will be Chuck’s forum for expression, focusing on the synchronicities in Jeanne’s messages with life in general, but also encompassing his own deep process of unifying everything we experience and have experienced.