#393 Call Your Future to You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

As I have articulated over the past several weeks, the energy is available to assist you as you make your way in life, but you must use your awareness in order to capture it for good usage. If you are not fully aware, so will it still be available to you, but in order to really use it you must make decisions based on the problems and the confrontations you are presented with. Your areas of difficulty will be pointing out to you where you must go in order to recapitulate, to resolve many of the issues that now thwart your progress, remaining constant reminders of what work you still have to do in order to move along on your journey.

Do not push aside or disregard even minor events or disruptions in your lives, My Dear Ones. Everything you encounter, confront, and experience has meaning. Everything is pointing out to you where you must concentrate your efforts in self-study. The process is endless, I know, but the process is also extremely beneficial. For in the long run will you find fulfillment, purpose, and meaning for your existence upon that earth.

And the big surprise will be that you will find your self in some place entirely unplanned and unthought of. You will find, if you do this work of recapitulation and resolution, that the place of resonance is now not even in your mirror. Your place of resonance will continually reveal itself as you follow the signs in your life.

But, to get back to this process of recapitulation, so do I ask that you remain aware that you are doing it at all times. Recapitulation is not a process reserved for once a week or even once a day, but is enacted all the time. Finding your balance each day will stabilize your inner self in order to be available for this process, to be available with awareness. Awareness is the key to recapitulation that you must train in order to be available to the signs that come to greet you and lead you on your way.

As you train your awareness, and begin to better understand your challenges, the next key is your recognition that these challenges are not meant to block or stop you, but to present you with what you need in order to continually unfold. To unfold, must you not turn from your challenges, but awaken within you the reason for having them.

Once you discover the reason for your challenges, then can you move on to acceptance of them. Perhaps your challenges are showing you where your weaknesses are, where your hidden values lie, or where your inner spirit desires lie? Perhaps your challenges desire your awakening to be forceful, in order to excavate as much as possible as quickly as possible? Perhaps your challenges desire you to proceed forward to accepting your gifts with awareness that, yes, you must work hard for them? Perhaps your challenges themselves are the only gifts you need because you understand their value? Perhaps you are not fully ready to understand recapitulation? But I can guarantee that you are being prompted to accept it as a process of learning the meaning of your life. The word itself may have less meaning than the events themselves, yet as you learn the meaning of the word recapitulation, so will you discover the truth of it in your own life. You will find that it explains a lot about you and your journey.

Recapitulation (simply knowing the word exists) will help you, as you understand more fully what I mean when I say that the energy is available now to aid you on your travels through life. If you can accept your life as a journey and understand that the opportunity to recapitulate is your opportunity to gain truth and understanding of that wonderful journey because it will lead you to fulfillment, then have you understood the necessity of both recapitulation and maintaining awareness. If you remain aware and continually question your existence, then do I say that you are in a good state to not only understand the meaning of the energy, but you will be available to harness its potential.

Your intent to do the work of the self will allow you to become available to that energy of change and of growth that is now so forcefully present upon that earth. In order for true change to happen, must you be aware that you do need it, but more importantly that you do want it. Accepting this desire of the inner self, as well as the outer self, is key to allowing recapitulation, awareness, and intent to become major players in your life.

Acceptance of the deepest truths of the self as you confront your fears, your challenges, and your ideas of self, will aid you. Are you ready to dare to shift now into higher gear? Are you ready to be tossed forward as this energy, so readily available, offers a boost forward now? Are you fully accepting that all of this change will not only be good for you, but that it will be right because you are choosing it, you are ready for it, and you are calling it to you.

As you call your future to you, so do you call your issues that need to be confronted and that, My Dear Ones, is what all of this talk of recapitulation, awareness, and intent is all about. It is all about you gaining understanding of who you are, recapturing your energy that is blocked and being utilized by outside entities, and unleashing your own powers of awareness and the ability to intend your own life, as it resonates with your uncovering spirit self.

It’s a process. Understand that, and then look for what is being shown to you. As your inner spirit awakens from slumber you will know where to place your intent. These are your major challenges. Everything else just plays along. Good luck as you continue to accept, recognize, and progress on your journey, with awareness, bravery, and intent!

NOTE: Chuck and I would like to recommend a film and a book offering insights into the process of recapitulation. The film, now available on DVD, is called, Ripple Effect. It offers a clear understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, of what it means to call your future to you, recapitulate, and acquiesce to the journey, allowing the process to unfold, as the signs, synchronicities, and challenges are paid attention to, worked through, and resolved. The book is called, The Witch’s Dream by Florinda Donner Grau. It too offers insight into the process of calling life to you, with fulfillment and clarity of purpose at its core, as opportunities for recapitulation are encountered and resolution is achieved based on awakening spirit intent.