#392 Pry Open the Fist of Fear

Dear Jeanne,
So here we are, it’s Friday again. Can you offer us some insight and guidance as we go into another weekend? The world situation is continuing to be desperate and in the U.S. we are in the final weeks before the election of a new president.

Anticipate change and you will indeed have change. Anticipate defeat and you will have defeat. Remove fear from your anticipation, allowing intent to flow, and you will ride forward on the wings of your intent with a new openness, gathering about you a new awareness. To anticipate the possibility of change is most impressive now as you go into this time of shift, but even without your focused intent will change arrive to greet you soon enough.

The energy of this time is enough in itself to offer much in the way of change. This I have been talking about over the past few weeks. But you must also keep in mind that as an evolving being, who is learning awareness, so is it to your advantage to practice intent, especially during this time of energetic accompaniment.

As I have stated, change is inevitable now. But do you wish to sit still and allow it to happen all around you, without your participation, but also without your inclusion? You are being offered the opportunity to participate and actively use your intent to move you forward. You are being given the opportunity to get what you want, to move forward in your life in a new direction, invited to change, with purposeful intent aiding you. Do you see?

You can change now. You can actually use your intent to change, to your advantage now, by calling forth your true desires for change. But you must move beyond your fears in order to do so. You must allow your self to leave behind your comforts, your usual methods of remaining complacent and stagnant, in order to enjoy this time of shift.

The possibility for sweeping change is being presented all around you. In your own lives are you being presented with something new. What is it? What are you now being presented with that, if you undertake, will cause a great shift in your life? Each one of you is being given the opportunity to change and grow now. This is certain. You may not be fully aware of what you are being offered, but I can guarantee that it is there anyway. In order to understand what it is, and to accept its possibilities, must you allow your self to contemplate your true desires for change.

Are you afraid? Are you wary of moving forward, caught by some old fears that do not really matter in the long run? Are you creating new fears in order to stall your forward movement? Are you caught by some very old fears that remain deeply embedded in your psyche and in your physical habitat?

Remind your self often that you are a traveler upon a grand journey. The road is wide open, inviting, full of promise, full of positive energy, with guides awaiting your first steps forward upon the next leg of your journey. Keep an open mind, and by that I mean really open, freed of your old ideas, judgments, thoughts; your old chatter. Replace it with your new energy of intent, which says: Everything is possible! Everything is possible! Everything is possible!

With such positive intent may you dare your self to step forward, taking the next step in spite of your trail of fears, still clinging to you, still being carried with you. Your fears must be pulled forward, one at a time, looked straight in the face, and dismantled for what they truly are: old ideas of the self that will not simply go away because they are aspects of truth that must be fully revealed in order to become acceptable as true aspects of self and fully integrated. Once fully accepted and integrated, will those aspects lose their power and become true partners on your journey.

Are you so afraid of learning your truths that you would elect to carry them around, dragging them behind you, a heavy dark cloak that becomes heavier and heavier, weighing you down and denying you access to your energy that they hold captive? I know I present you with many ideas of growth, but this is the most important one. For in order to truly move forward, must you confront your fears, and in order to stay upon the path of growth must you learn to move forward and confront your fears simultaneously. This is a lifelong process. This is what recapitulation is, the process of confronting your fears. But in order to live a life of positive intent mixed with a good dose of recapitulation, must you find a way to constantly prod your self to keep moving forward, in spite of the tremendous burden of fears that you carry with you. As you walk the path of life allow your self to confront those fears as they pop up to steal your energy. That is all they want, you know. They want your energy.

Old fears may be memories of people; of actions taken; of desires; of unfulfilled and disappointing times in your life; of old ideas of the self, long ago dispelled, but still fresh in your mind and in your body. Your attachment to these old ideas and to the truth of their power holds your energy captive. Each fear holds your energy encapsulated in its tight fist. It will not release it to you until you go to it and pry open that fist and see what is there, own it, take it fully as your own energy, your own power, and place it in your present life, as energy worth having on your journey.

So, this time of change is looking for participation with positive intent. Fear holds negative, draining energy, not conducive to the positive direction you are being offered as your focus now. Do you not feel your inner spirit’s desire to really grow now and move forward with the grand possibilities being offered? Your country, the U. S., is reflecting this opportunity. Look all around you at the possibilities now being presented. This is not just being presented outside of you, but also inside of you. And yes, it is time to move forward, in spite of fear.

I know it is not easy to bring your fears forward, to face them head on, to struggle with them, to reveal the truths of them. But you must be brave and face them, or you will not regain your energy that is now so necessary for you to have for your progress and your intent to grow. As you look forward now, remind your self often that, yes, everything is possible and I deserve the opportunity to experience what that means in my own life. What are the possibilities that await me? Well, My Dears, that is what is awaiting your discovery.

Remain positive as you go into your weekend. Find your own pace and your own inner balance, for I do suggest that this is a good time to move forward with your plans of growth. You will be aided. You will be guided. You will be offered energy that is positive and good to accompany you, for this is a time of growth, even as it is also a time of recapitulation. But they do go hand in hand more often than not. So don’t ever let that stop you. Don’t let fear stop you from going forward, as the possibilities continue to unfold. Recapitulate and grow!