#391 The Interconnectedness of All Things: Do You Really Think This Time of Change is Meant Only for Political, Economical, and Governmental Issues?

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today in how to handle the energies of the world we live in and our own inner world?

Do not thwart your own progress toward growth and completion by being too outwardly drawn. As always, do I recommend staying upon your personal path, using the outer energy to turn inward, but also to reflect what is going on inside you. For if you consider the interconnectedness of all things, so will you be able to understand how what is happening outside of you is also, to a degree, happening inside you, and vice versa.

By considering your own situation, may you achieve compassionate understanding for others, knowing that when volatile times engage you, so do they also affect many others. Some people in your nearness must also be experiencing such times as you now feel. Your inner turmoil may be lessened by your abilities to detach, but your inner work will not let you rest for too long, for now is a good time for such inner contemplation and eventual resolution.

As the next few weeks unfold, so will you continue to be confronted by truths revealed outside of you, but also inside of you. This energy that now visits that earth realm offers quite a powerful push to turn over the old soils covering your old wounds and dark secrets. Consider it as a handy shovel that you have been handed, no strings attached, except that you may choose to use it to uncover, or to continue to bury what must become known in order for growth to happen.

Do you wish to spur on your journey now? Do you wish to evolve a little further? I suggest that you pick up the shovel now being offered to you and that you begin digging the dark soil that has accumulated over your many years upon that earth. Now will you be fully aided as you do your work on the self, your deeply buried and waiting inner self, who desires that you uncover the truths of this self. To remain buried and unfeeling during this time of removal and release would slow you down. It would keep necessary truths buried. But for what reason?

What reason can you come up with for consciously choosing to not do the work upon the self? What purpose would be served? The continuation of denial of hidden truths, kept secret in order to stay the same, in the same rut? Do you choose to remain in such a place of stuckness, glued to your inability to shift? Now? When you are, in fact, being offered quite the opportunity to dig your way out of your pit?

Look around you now. Really open those eyes and see what is being offered. What form is your shovel taking? Who is offering you a hand? Who is speaking words of truth? Who is pointing out a new direction? Who is noticing that you have not budged one inch in many years? Who is suggesting that it is time for a change, even as such words are being spoken all around the world now? Do you really think that this time of change is meant only for political, economic, and governmental issues?

Well, if you think that, then you have not understood the interconnectedness of all things. You have impact upon the world simply by existing, by breathing, and by just sitting still. Your own ability to advocate for change in your own life, to breathe new life into your lungs, to shift the stale air inside your very body is one way to begin.

Then, turn your eyes in a new direction. Erase your old mantras of self, of lifestyle, of place of complacency, and begin to now tell your self new, fresh ideas in order to motivate and guide your self out of your dark place. You may only need one small step of adjustment, or you may need to be ruffled up and tipped out of your place of stagnancy by a greater force than you alone can muster. But know this: This time of opportunity is being offered to all of you. You are all being handed a shovel. You are all being asked to participate in a great shift, a new way of doing, of seeing, of speaking, of acting, and of believing.

You are all being asked to trust that change is necessary for all the right reasons; energetic reasons; even as negative events are necessary for the right energetic reasons. All of these things are necessary for shift to happen.

If you will trust your own journey now, by accepting your shovel, by accepting that, yes, I need to change my self too, then are you well on the way to engaging in this grand shift that is spurring on, in a worldwide fashion, the energy of change.

Interconnectedness to all things also involves your inner self, confronting your deepest hidden truths. So as you go out into your world, go also into your inner world more deeply now. Find your truths, and see how they fit into this picture of change and shift that I have presented to you. How will your own truths interconnect with the great truths being revealed? That is for you to find out. And in so doing, will you understand what it means to be interconnected with all things upon that earth, and then beyond.

I present this guidance to you from beyond your everyday world, My Dears. Do you trust my words, this guidance? Do you strive to achieve such awareness of me, and my world? Well, first must you figure out that world that exists right before your eyes. And then may you begin to understand that I am not too far away, just another part of the great interconnectedness of all things. If you can trust me, why not trust your self?

Trust your self. This is all I ask, as you put your hands upon the gifts being offered to you. Do you see your shovel nearby? Pick it up. And then see what you discover as you begin digging your way to connecting with all energy. Good Luck!