#385 The Energy Crisis is Twofold

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance about the energy that we are now experiencing? It feels complicated and tricky, difficult to get a handle on.

My Dear One, do not get caught in thinking too much, but allow your self to feel more often what your body is trying to tell you regarding the energetic components of the times. In order to most effectively interpret and utilize the energy, your physical self’s awareness must be allowed to participate and determine the nature of the forces you call complicated and tricky. That interpretation is quite correct, but be also aware that your mind can create confusions regarding how to act if you stay focused on those two aspects. In reality, the force of energy surrounding you, that unseen awareness, is well to tap into, for it is also a proponent of the self, the energetic compilation of being human upon that earth.

By this statement, I mean that what is happening outside of you, what you are noticing and interpreting, is also happening inside of you because you are also energy and are affected by outer energy quite a lot more than you think.

I ask you first to use your body to learn about how energy feels, while at the same time I must also request that you remove your self from your body to also understand what energy is. This may be quite a complicated feat, but in reality do you do it quite often. Now however, I ask that you do it with awareness.

When you feel not quite present; when you feel unaware and removed from your surroundings, almost at a distance from even your physical self, so are you in an energetic mode. Often can this appear to feel numbing or slightly off-kilter, when you are not quite present, yet not asleep or in a meditative state. This process of slight disconnect from reality is your ticket to deeper connection, to understanding your energetic self, and your consternation over the outer energy.

During this time now upon that earth is there conflict and conflict resolution simultaneously swirling in tornadic energy. This produces confusion, and conflicting issues will arise as a result. It is necessary to notice that conflict is most naturally pointing out to you where your energetic tendencies lie and where your truths lie. This is good energy to use in recapitulation for it asks for you to determine what you truly believe is right for you to do to proceed on your journey.

In conflict resolution is there confrontation with truth. You see? Then your process becomes one of choice. Do you do what you energetically know is truthful and right? Or do you elect to stay in the numbing track where you do not truly interpret and invest in the truth of what your own energy is telling you?

You all reside in your bodies. You all have feeling. You all have moments of clarity. You all have moments of confusion. Your emotions play games to alert you to your energetic self, whether in consciousness or in a state of disconnect, but all of you feel and use the energy self whether you choose to understand this idea or not.

So My Dear Ones, now during this time of uprising (for that is truly what it is) do I ask that you stop your heady and conflicting conversations and resort to feeling what your energetic self knows. In your energetic self, do your truths lie waiting for discovery; your calmness and balance reside there as well. And your earthly progress is relying on your learning to connect to this aspect of self.

As you progress in energetically truthful fashion, so will you find that the issues in your own world will resolve, simply because you will be doing what is so right for you to do. As you make choices that are energetically right, so will you learn how to trust your self, as you see how things in your life become more balanced, and more in alignment with the intent of your spirit.

I do not anticipate that the energy will let up on you. For it asks now, most forcefully, for participation in solving the energy crisis upon that earth. And that energy crisis is twofold. It is an outer problem and an inner problem. If you begin by resolving your own inner energy problems and do what is so right for you to do in your own life, then will you be in a place of alignment with the outer energy. You will also be in a place of awareness, open to what the world around you needs in order to resolve issues that are now most important to the evolution of mankind.

It is truly an energy issue that is the biggest issue now on the world’s table. But first must you recognize that this is also displayed, quite openly, upon your own table. Own your part in the energetic revolution by focusing your attention not on the conflicts, the confusion, and the dilemmas in your life, but on your own energy and what it is trying to tell you in order to guide you to make the decisions and choices that will benefit you most truthfully, and most progressively.

Do you seek calm? Well, that is a good place to start. Go to your inner place of quiet and balance, removed from head and body, just being and feeling your energy. Start there each day, and see where that takes you! We will discuss this more later. Go now!