#386 Allow Your Unfolding Life to Guide You

Dear Jeanne,
What message of guidance can you offer us today?

Achieve your stable balance and your inner knowing that your journey is both necessary and significant in all ways. Do this centering of self each morning as you awaken. Remind your self that you are an energy being, a unit of energy comprised of vibratory molecules in expression, in momentum, and in complete alignment with intent to grow and evolve on many levels and in many worlds. Your intent of self and purpose for that life will evolve as you pursue your path, wherever it may take you.

Do not harbor fears of annihilation or loss of self, even as you are confronted with the gravest of circumstances, for you remain embedded in your bodily encasement, though you may at times feel far away. Your presence in that life, in that world, is based on intent, and this you must keep in mind at all times.

Once you have grounded your self each day, even for a minute of self-adjustment, so are you prepared for the next aspect of your journey to unfold. After that first step of groundedness, must your intent shift outward as you ask for awareness, for clarity of vision, and understanding of the meaningfulness of your encounters and your prospects that lie ahead. Do not hold your self back from expression, or from experiencing that life, for it is waiting to be played out. Though you may be afraid of some aspect of your life, still must you remember that this is your challenge to overcome.

Allow your unfolding life to guide you. Do not proceed on your journey with too many firmly laid plans, for then do you lose your ability to flow. Make plans for living with an openness to adjusting, as you encounter what you must. I suggest that you work this flow aspect into your daily intent too. It will serve you well to be open to whatever may come your way.

Though you may be steeped in sadness, in regret, in caution, in fear, or in inhibitions regarding the outer world, so do I ask you to turn outward to the world, each day, and look at it now differently. Notice that a turn of intent to acceptance of experiences in life as necessary for growth may aid you in stepping over those barriers that hold you back.

Now is there a need for compassion among you, as the energy may hold you caught in your old ideas of self and others. This is a temporary glitch in the energy, present to remind you just how far you have come. It is important to ground your self in the present each day now, so that you do not get pulled back to a former time and believe that you are back there again. You are not! You are simply being offered the opportunity to view it from a different perspective and move forward in a new manner.

Although this may feel like a time to rehash old ideas of the self, so is this time really about noticing just how far you have advanced, how differently you think and feel now, and how open you are to taking your journey now as a flowing energy being, rather than a muddling-along unaware being.

Keep in mind now, over the next few days, that this time of reconciliation with an old self will pass, as do all times of confrontation with self. This time is very necessary, for it is also a time of shift and transformation underlying what is at first being shown to you. So do not forget to look for the underlying truths being revealed. Do not fall for what is presented, but look deeper for the true motives and true reasons for actions, decisions, and pictures of perfection that may appear to entice you to choose one way or another.

Both in your own life, and in the world around you, are you certain to find that things are not really as they appear. Keep that thought in mind as you work your way through this time period of conflict and confusion. If you take the few steps each day to reconcile with your true energy self, your intent to remain balanced, aware, and clearly alert to your inner world and your outer world will serve you well.

Question motives, ideas, and packages of intent that appear to be too good to be true. This is a time when you do indeed have personal power to change, to heal, and to evolve in a new direction. Don’t give up that power by staying caught in an old rut. It is up to you to shift direction in your own life first, before the world around you will be able to gather enough energy to shift too.

Support that world shift by doing your personal part to shift your own energy in a new direction. That is where your focus and your intent should be directed over the next few days. Keep going! You are all doing very well, My Dears. Don’t get caught in old ways. Remind your selves often that you are energy first!