Take a look at our e-book version 2

In case you haven’t already noticed: we have released the second e-book version of The Book of Us with the new final chapter, Completion. This chapter describes Jeanne’s completion of her reincarnation cycles through a past life; this life; and her brief re-entry into this world, after death, to complete her soul’s journey.

In keeping with our mission to make available Jeanne’s lessons to all, regardless of financial circumstances, we offer this new version as a free download. The identical book is available in paperback for purchase at www.Amazon.com.

We live in a rapidly changing world where most of the prevailing structures are riddled with greed. In keeping with our own evolutionary intent we have kept The Book of Us free of all attachments to these crumbling structures, launching it to ride freely on the wings of energetic intent. Our intent is for the book to find its own energetic channels to those who are seeking, freed of all promotions and marketing.

If it feels resonant for you to join this intent, please feel free to write your reviews, comments, and experiences on our Amazon page. Many of you have asked for a means to discover each other, to have the opportunity to converse with others who have found guidance and support through Jeanne’s messages. On the Amazon page you have the option to begin a forum, something that we have opted not to do on our own website. We are certain that The Book of Us will delight in that energetic furthering.

When my son Julian heard that The Book of Us was published in paperback and listed on Amazon, he spontaneously burst out: “Mom must be so happy!”

Jan now shifts her focus to her next book, Recapitulation, an exposition of her own riveting journey to part the veils and totally experience her own deepest truths, then empty of them, as she cleared her channel to Jeanne.

Let’s see what happens!

To participate in the energetic intent of The Book of Us click here: www.Amazon.com