#367 My Own Goodness As My Guide

Dear Jeanne,
Here it is Wednesday, mid-week, a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley. I feel the energy pushing, challenging us all to keep moving, to be open, honest, and truthful with ourselves and others, to not back down from our place of spirit, no matter what comes at us. Can you offer guidance to us all as we confront our challenges to stay centered, balanced and on our paths?

Yes, My Dear One. Your assessment of the energy that pushes is quite accurate, yet must you also be reminded that no matter what attempts to gain your attention and confidence so is it always your choice to make, to determine whether or not it truly resonates and offers you a deeper sense of your self as a spiritual being.

Just because the energy pushes, does not mean that you should blurt out your truths in all circumstances. It does not mean that it is always appropriate to state your place in life outwardly. But this energy asks that you use your outer challenges to more firmly anchor your self in your inner knowing. Your challenges ask you to more firmly ascertain who you truly are. They ask you to select your path, and they ask you to determine your course of action.

To whom do you speak your truths? Is it not appropriate to speak them at all times, as I have suggested? Well yes, it is. But often times, is it most appropriate to speak them to your self. For rather than have them fall upon deaf ears, is it most important that you remain certain of your new stance in life. Do not use or abuse others with your spiritual connectedness, nor impose it upon them in words, but show them that you are a changed being by your actions, your demeanor of calm and balanced progress in your life, and by doing what you intend to do.

It is not enough to speak your truths. You must at all times be your truths. You must decide, with your truths firmly received, accepted, and acquiesced to, that your life now has changed. You must take your truths with you daily as you go out into the world, tucking them into the pocket of your knowing of self, even as you tuck your wallet, your keys, your belongings into your pockets and pocketbooks as you leave the house.

Carry always with you the truths that have been revealed to you; that you have worked so hard to recover, to discover, and to uncover. Decide, right now, that you are going to stay firmly balanced and certain in your own inner truths, no matter what that pushy energy suggests to you. Just because the energy pushes, does not mean you should engage it!

Just because it is a truth-revealing energy, does not mean that you should blurt out your truths uncontrollably. Just because this is a time of unparalleled growth opportunity, does not mean that you should throw your self out into the energy with total abandonment. Of course not! You must still use your discretion, your confidence in your attributes of discipline, steadiness, pragmatism and, above all, your mature adult self as your guide.

This energy is not conducive to the big baby. I have said before that if you desire to engage this wonderful energetic period of growth, so must you do so as an adult. It is too powerful a time for the big baby. The big baby will not succeed in growth, but only become pushed aside by this most forceful energy, which is most conducive to an intent to grow as a mature and balanced human spirit being.

So that, My Dears, is your challenge, even this day, as you enter the playing arena, as you step out into the flow of the energy and begin yet another day, another period of growth potential. Each day are you offered the possibility of good growth, nurtured by your adult knowing self and your knowing inner self who in combination work most successfully, if you allow them to.

Allowing requires that you be open to the energy, but that you use your instinctual knowing of right resonance to guide you, as you remain maturely centered in your decisions, your conversations, your interactions, your playfulness, and your prayerfulness as well. Ask for what is right and you will receive it. Ask for what is not right and you may receive something else that is totally unexpected, but necessary. You must learn how your gifts come to you. You must determine how you are going to accept them too. Will you accept with acquiescence to the process that is right, or will you stubbornly refuse to know the truth?

Now is the time to be the one you have always wanted to be. The energy is allowing of this. But you must choose how you do this. You must determine your actions and decide that you are fully responsible for the results of your choices.

That’s all. Oh, and seek your own goodness now, within you, and use it as you make your choices and find your gifts. Goodness leads to good. Find it in your self and allow it to grow and feed off this energy. It may be all you need in order to grow. Is this good for me? Am I being a good adult, citizen, person, partner, lover, companion, spiritual being, and energy being to self and others? Am I leading my self with my own goodness as my guide? Now, that may lead you to the truth that is right for you to encounter today! Are your motives good, innerly good and outerly good? Good luck!