#366 Now is a Manifesting Time

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance as we begin a new week upon this earth?

My advice is to now flow with the inevitable as you are each taken along your path, presented with what you need, and what you must encounter to further your journey. This day represents not only new beginnings, for it is indeed a day of newness in many ways, but it also represents the furthering of decisions and projects already begun.

Now is a manifesting time, a time of placing one foot in front of the other as you allow your self to open up to the gifts available to you. As you accept the prospect of gifts, so do you allow your self to flow much better, more naturally, and with openness to the process of your own life, your own journey, and your very own gifts as well.

Are you ready to flow now? Are you ready to have your greatest gifts manifested? Are you open, allowing, and ready to acquiesce to your own process of growth? Use your recapitulation now to remind you of your journey thus far taken, to recall past events, inevitable events, that would have been better processed and learned from had you simply allowed your self to flow with where they took you.

Have you not learned now that you cannot control your life; make it go where you would like it to stand or to progress, but that life shows you where you should go? Life is energy. You are energy. The events in your life are but energetic equivalents of steps in a process that is leading you, step-by-step, toward a new level of understanding and evolution.

This is the process of gradual but certain prosperity, if you allow your self to have access to it. That is what this energy confronts all of you with, but you must be prepared to embrace your own process, separate from others around you, in order to grow. You must allow your self to freely accept the gifts in your life, every event being a gift, My Dear Ones.

Look upon your life as one big gift and you may open yet another door of awareness as this manifesting Monday begins. Free yourselves from your pasts and your present situations just enough to allow your self to step out into the energy that is here to guide you, the mature self who trusts, knows, sees, and hears the inevitable.

Your paths are wide open. Your gifts will come now more forcefully, but also more in keeping with a decision to move on, to keep growing, and to stay connected to inner self, inner spirit, and mature and aware self. Allow, allow, allow; that is my advice for this day of manifestation.

Your new life is truly about to begin as you step out into the energy and allow it to show you where you must go, need to go, and should go. Then it’s all up to you to choose to flow in total acceptance of what the energy offers. It truly does offer new life, though it may not appear so at first. But if you allow your daring self to do what is right, what is truly right, then do you offer your self the prospect of great change, opportunity, and growth.