#358 You Are Asked to Become a Warrior Now

Dear Jeanne,
What advice and guidance do you offer us today? What can you tell us about the energy you spoke of earlier this week? What is happening with it now?

The energy must you remain aware of. For in spite of the fact that it sits boxed in and almost aggressively active, so is it positive energy, building its case for compliance and acquiescence on your parts. All who now reside upon that realm, and I do mean all, are being forced into a position, forced to take a stand, and subsequently will there be the final push to act upon the truths now being revealed and presented.

Do not turn away from what is being shown to you, either about your self or some other person or persons in your nearness. Do not cover your face and wish for things to disappear or return to complacent boredom, for that will not happen no matter how much you wish. This is a time of grand crux, and as with all cruxes, is there a crucifixion of sorts taking place. A keen observer will notice this happening on many levels, some quite subtle and others more blatantly obvious.

In your own lives now, My Dear Ones, is there a shift taking place. On some level are you aware of the dying of an old way of thinking, acting, reacting, living, conversing, participating, and whatever other aspect of life that needs expression. You are all being pushed to accept a new method of being, a new way of living, a new way of encountering life and even other worlds, known and unknown. There is a great push for your active participation and you will not get away with ignoring or pretending that you do not see what is going on.

This is a time of great awakening. While that energy remains boxed in for a while longer, so will you continue to encounter feelings and energetic bursts as the walls are come up against and the energy rebounds until it hits another wall of the box that is your life. This is very good energy. It is showing you what you must do, who you must deal with, what you must feel and discover about your self, even as you are clearly seeing what you must do with others and even what they must do for themselves.

This is a time of great clarity, observation, and decision making. But your decision making must now come from this boxed energy and not from your old walls. If you stay plastered to your walls, so will you simply fall down and get trampled by the energy when the time of bursting forth takes place. Do you want that to happen? Do you want to get trampled and stampeded upon? Do you want the old walls to cave in upon you and keep you buried when the energy is offering such amazing power and change?

It is up to you to now accept the powerful pushing that is shoving you here and there and tumbling you about in the box that is your life. You may feel that you are doing cartwheels or being tossed quite haphazardly about, but there is method in such madness and it is to wake you up to your own abilities to latch onto the powers of the universe now being offered.

Change is upon you now. A grand crux means destruction of the old and advancing forward, swiftly, to the new. It means that you don’t have a choice, as energetically will this shift be taking place no matter what you do to stop it. You can acquiesce and accept the most transformative energy to come in a long time and flow with it to great advantage, or you can elect to resist. Even with resistance will you be forced into a new situation in life as the old walls come tumbling down.

So I suggest that you accept that things are shifting and already have shifted. There is something new in your life, something you must deal with, confront, live out, play out, or simply flow with. That is what you are being presented with now, swift, vital change that requires your fullest attention and participation. You are asked to become a warrior now, to take full responsibility for self and act according to the New Rules of Life and Change.* Challenge your self to grow now with full knowledge that your confrontations, your changes, and your attentions are meaningfully growth-oriented and must be attended to for your progress to be fulfilling, right, and evolutionary.

In short: do not shirk from your duties to self and others, but acquiesce to the inevitable powerful changes that are here now to move you along on your personal journey. Life is full of adventures, you know. You are being confronted with the next big one right now. Don’t be afraid. It will take you to amazing places where you will meet the people who are your guides and your companions of growth, and you will be one more step along on that journey you now live, the possibilities long ago strung together. Your choices along the way have been leading you to the next door, the next adventure, the next moment of choice.

This is a lifelong journey of choice, and once again you are being pushed to make the choice that will catapult you forward so that all who are around you will know who you are, why you are here, and where you are going. Do you dare to know this too? Do you dare to take the adventure that you are being so forcefully pushed to take? You have no choice really. If you are an energetic being, of course you will choose to burst out of that box!

*NOTE: Here Jeanne is referring to the 10 Rules of Life and the 10 Steps of Change that are posted on this channeling website under Guidance in the sidebar.