#357 This is Energy That is Boxed In

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for humanity today?

I do not advise fighting against the energy, but instead suggest that you learn to acquiesce and flow, for the energy of now is pushing energy. It asks for compliance so that you may be shoved ahead to your next place of human encounter with life as meaningful and as real as it can get. This is now a time of volatile, swiftly turning energy that does not spiral upward, but instead shifts back and forth as if caught in a box with no escape as it comes up against walls at every turn. This is energy that is boxed in. Such energy’s intensity affects you more significantly than energy that is free to do as it pleases.

This energy is internal energy; energy of home situations, inner situations, and energy of confrontation at every turn. It is energy that asks you to be truthful; that pushes for your awakening to the realities in your life and your situation that cause you to feel blocked, frustrated, or approached by the energy or frustrations of others.

Your attitude is significant now. Are you accepting and flowing with what is being presented to you now? Or are you resistant and refusing of the bare truths exposed by such confined energy? There is no place for such energy to hide, nor is there covering for the truths revealed either. Do you elect to see them clearly? Do you elect to accept both this energy of learning and the lessons it exposes to you? Do you elect to take full responsibility for what is being presented? Do you choose to satisfy your spirit’s need to accept the truth, in spite of your own desire to run and hide? Don’t you see how small that box is? There is no hiding from boxed-in energy. There is only acquiescence to the fact that it is here, it is inevitably affecting you, and there is no recourse except to look at the truths now being revealed.

This is a time of great self-discovery. This is a time of curtains ripped wide open and wide-eyed viewpoints being exposed. This is a time of confrontation with innocence gone, truths underlying it exposed, reality knocking you over the head. This energy may be affecting you quite noticeably in some fashion, whether outside of you, your world knocked about, turned upside down and now in a great jumbled mess, or inside you as you experience confusion, turmoil, and an inner world that must be considered as never before. The combination of both inner and outer world in confusion is also not uncommon during such volatile and shifting energy patterns.

This time of truth-revealing energy will stick around long enough for you to acquiesce. That is all it wants of you; that you accept the inevitability of life shifting now. Your part in it is to flow with it, in spite of feeling uncertain, afraid, or vaguely unsure of what it may mean.

It means that things change and that you are not allowed to control certain changes because if you did then you would never grow and advance, whether through life upon that earth or through the veils of your inner life either. I suggest My Dear Ones, that you center your selves in your heart center, and allow your inner sanctum to become your home base. Focus your thoughts on your own strong knowing inner self. This is your place of calm, though it may not feel too calm right now. It is also your place of excitement, your spirit’s knowing that you are on a path of adventure and it is eager for the unfolding adventure to come. That energy of now is adventuresome energy. As soon as the lid comes off that box it will be free to do what it will. That is what you must be ready for too, the freedom that comes after confinement and compaction of energy that is so strong and positive. Its release will be as equally shifting as it’s struggles within the box.

So this is what you must do now: confront your struggles by acquiescing to the inevitable process that is being laid out before you, the positive steps unfolding almost without your needing to do a thing. And then, once you accept that your life is indeed going in this direction, prepare for what comes next, with a simple mantra of acquiescence:

I am ready to flow and grow.
I am prepared to be fulfilled.
I am life and energy.
I am golden opportunity.
I am life itself.
I am energetically aligned.
I flow now. I allow myself to flow now.