#368 The Old World is Trembling and Rumbling

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us as we continue our adventures in this time of change?

My Dear Ones, do not get caught by fear or doubt now as you envision your near future in a new and transformed manner. For if you allow fear and doubt to seep into your place of acquiescence, so do you retire your spirit from a journey now so necessary and so profitable. Close the door to such dark and disruptive thoughts and actions and the journey taken upon their unworthy counsel. Shut out the influence of old ways and old thinking. Trust the journey of your self and your world as you acquiesce to safe passage forward now upon this energy of change that is upon you.

I do not suggest that you throw your self with abandon into this energy of change, but that you allow your self, with conscious and well-thought out maneuvers, to become a part of the new awareness that pushes for this change with such forceful intent. Can you allow your spirit, your inner knowing of right thought and right action to guide you forward now? Can you trust your own journey, with your abilities to flow and accept your challenges and your gifts? Can you become now the person you truly are? Can you acquiesce to your own truthful self and really become that truthful being in your inner world and your outer world?

Look upon the leaders in your world. Look upon the rising leaders who so succinctly mirror your own urgent need and desire for change. Do you not see that your own personal urgency for new life is reflected all around you? Do you not feel connected to that greater energy that is so forcefully apparent now? Are you not ready to allow your self to admit that this energy of change is very necessary and very timely?

Look beyond your self for a moment. Look at the struggles in the world. They are not struggles for power. They are struggles for truth, for the emergence of honesty, integrity, and purity. They are struggles for right words and right actions to now become the leading forces, the guiding forces, and the trusted forces.

This time of change, transformation, and transmogrification is a spiritually based force that asks for participation from your own heart-based truthful self. Your worldwide leaders, who have stood now so precariously upon the rock of solid denial of humanity’s inner journey, are feeling those rocks begin to tremble, for they are not the rocks of change. They are the rocks of refusal to grow into a new world of acceptance. They are the old guard who have refused to acquiesce to the truth of evolutionary potential, the truth of reincarnation, the truth of heart-centered purpose, and the truth of right action and compassionate interface with all who reside upon that planet.

The old world is trembling and rumbling. It is cracking and crumbling soon, with the downfall of the once mighty and the uprising of the downtrodden. But all of this will only happen with truth as the new rock, the new base upon which change can happen.

Your job, as aware beings of spiritual intent and direction, is to allow your inner spirit self to lead you forward now, with your old mantles cast aside. Lay those old cloaks upon the rubble that is gathering as the old rocks crumble, and walk upon them as you make your way to higher moral and spiritual ground. Now is the time to acquiesce to the truth of the world as you know it, for all are interconnected, all are mirrors, and all have suffered now long enough in fear, denial, and doubt of spirit strength and spirit character.

It is time now to admit to your self that you need and desire change in your life. It is time to allow your self to also admit that this is true for your own world, your own town, your own country, and for the greater world, so that the universe may also shift and change for you and become known, available, and reconnected with all of you as your guide, your potential, your ancient connection to all history as it has been made, and as it continues to be made.

For this day, and this time, do I ask that you allow your self to look beyond your self. Look outside of your own life’s consuming problems and observe the realities in the world around you. Recognize your self as a member of a changing universe. Recognize, in friends and strangers, the same awakening awareness, no matter how meager or great. Observe, beneath the old ragged clothes of the old ways of living and believing, that there is light pouring forth. This is the light of hope, and trust, and belief in the energy of guidance to take you all on a new kind of journey.

This is truth shining through, asking you to embrace it as you do the new rising sun; to acquiesce to its natural beauty, existent in each and every one of you; to allow it to be your life force now, as you truly begin to move forward with firm intent to remain upon this forward momentum of change, unafraid of the consequences of truth revealed. This is a time of good. If you can just allow that thought to remain planted in your heart center, so will you succeed in nurturing that good within, and without, and that, My Dears, is your greatest challenge.

Allow goodness to reign. Allow goodness to take over your world and the greater world. Allow goodness to be your guiding force. This is what the energy also asks of you, to shift, to change, but to do so on the energetic intent of goodness. Strain for this, and your heartstrings will sing the right melody of perpetual change, and that will propel you forward on your journey, your individual journey and your worldwide journey of growth, of change, and of connection to all things upon that earth, and beyond.

#367 My Own Goodness As My Guide

Dear Jeanne,
Here it is Wednesday, mid-week, a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley. I feel the energy pushing, challenging us all to keep moving, to be open, honest, and truthful with ourselves and others, to not back down from our place of spirit, no matter what comes at us. Can you offer guidance to us all as we confront our challenges to stay centered, balanced and on our paths?

Yes, My Dear One. Your assessment of the energy that pushes is quite accurate, yet must you also be reminded that no matter what attempts to gain your attention and confidence so is it always your choice to make, to determine whether or not it truly resonates and offers you a deeper sense of your self as a spiritual being.

Just because the energy pushes, does not mean that you should blurt out your truths in all circumstances. It does not mean that it is always appropriate to state your place in life outwardly. But this energy asks that you use your outer challenges to more firmly anchor your self in your inner knowing. Your challenges ask you to more firmly ascertain who you truly are. They ask you to select your path, and they ask you to determine your course of action.

To whom do you speak your truths? Is it not appropriate to speak them at all times, as I have suggested? Well yes, it is. But often times, is it most appropriate to speak them to your self. For rather than have them fall upon deaf ears, is it most important that you remain certain of your new stance in life. Do not use or abuse others with your spiritual connectedness, nor impose it upon them in words, but show them that you are a changed being by your actions, your demeanor of calm and balanced progress in your life, and by doing what you intend to do.

It is not enough to speak your truths. You must at all times be your truths. You must decide, with your truths firmly received, accepted, and acquiesced to, that your life now has changed. You must take your truths with you daily as you go out into the world, tucking them into the pocket of your knowing of self, even as you tuck your wallet, your keys, your belongings into your pockets and pocketbooks as you leave the house.

Carry always with you the truths that have been revealed to you; that you have worked so hard to recover, to discover, and to uncover. Decide, right now, that you are going to stay firmly balanced and certain in your own inner truths, no matter what that pushy energy suggests to you. Just because the energy pushes, does not mean you should engage it!

Just because it is a truth-revealing energy, does not mean that you should blurt out your truths uncontrollably. Just because this is a time of unparalleled growth opportunity, does not mean that you should throw your self out into the energy with total abandonment. Of course not! You must still use your discretion, your confidence in your attributes of discipline, steadiness, pragmatism and, above all, your mature adult self as your guide.

This energy is not conducive to the big baby. I have said before that if you desire to engage this wonderful energetic period of growth, so must you do so as an adult. It is too powerful a time for the big baby. The big baby will not succeed in growth, but only become pushed aside by this most forceful energy, which is most conducive to an intent to grow as a mature and balanced human spirit being.

So that, My Dears, is your challenge, even this day, as you enter the playing arena, as you step out into the flow of the energy and begin yet another day, another period of growth potential. Each day are you offered the possibility of good growth, nurtured by your adult knowing self and your knowing inner self who in combination work most successfully, if you allow them to.

Allowing requires that you be open to the energy, but that you use your instinctual knowing of right resonance to guide you, as you remain maturely centered in your decisions, your conversations, your interactions, your playfulness, and your prayerfulness as well. Ask for what is right and you will receive it. Ask for what is not right and you may receive something else that is totally unexpected, but necessary. You must learn how your gifts come to you. You must determine how you are going to accept them too. Will you accept with acquiescence to the process that is right, or will you stubbornly refuse to know the truth?

Now is the time to be the one you have always wanted to be. The energy is allowing of this. But you must choose how you do this. You must determine your actions and decide that you are fully responsible for the results of your choices.

That’s all. Oh, and seek your own goodness now, within you, and use it as you make your choices and find your gifts. Goodness leads to good. Find it in your self and allow it to grow and feed off this energy. It may be all you need in order to grow. Is this good for me? Am I being a good adult, citizen, person, partner, lover, companion, spiritual being, and energy being to self and others? Am I leading my self with my own goodness as my guide? Now, that may lead you to the truth that is right for you to encounter today! Are your motives good, innerly good and outerly good? Good luck!

#366 Now is a Manifesting Time

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance as we begin a new week upon this earth?

My advice is to now flow with the inevitable as you are each taken along your path, presented with what you need, and what you must encounter to further your journey. This day represents not only new beginnings, for it is indeed a day of newness in many ways, but it also represents the furthering of decisions and projects already begun.

Now is a manifesting time, a time of placing one foot in front of the other as you allow your self to open up to the gifts available to you. As you accept the prospect of gifts, so do you allow your self to flow much better, more naturally, and with openness to the process of your own life, your own journey, and your very own gifts as well.

Are you ready to flow now? Are you ready to have your greatest gifts manifested? Are you open, allowing, and ready to acquiesce to your own process of growth? Use your recapitulation now to remind you of your journey thus far taken, to recall past events, inevitable events, that would have been better processed and learned from had you simply allowed your self to flow with where they took you.

Have you not learned now that you cannot control your life; make it go where you would like it to stand or to progress, but that life shows you where you should go? Life is energy. You are energy. The events in your life are but energetic equivalents of steps in a process that is leading you, step-by-step, toward a new level of understanding and evolution.

This is the process of gradual but certain prosperity, if you allow your self to have access to it. That is what this energy confronts all of you with, but you must be prepared to embrace your own process, separate from others around you, in order to grow. You must allow your self to freely accept the gifts in your life, every event being a gift, My Dear Ones.

Look upon your life as one big gift and you may open yet another door of awareness as this manifesting Monday begins. Free yourselves from your pasts and your present situations just enough to allow your self to step out into the energy that is here to guide you, the mature self who trusts, knows, sees, and hears the inevitable.

Your paths are wide open. Your gifts will come now more forcefully, but also more in keeping with a decision to move on, to keep growing, and to stay connected to inner self, inner spirit, and mature and aware self. Allow, allow, allow; that is my advice for this day of manifestation.

Your new life is truly about to begin as you step out into the energy and allow it to show you where you must go, need to go, and should go. Then it’s all up to you to choose to flow in total acceptance of what the energy offers. It truly does offer new life, though it may not appear so at first. But if you allow your daring self to do what is right, what is truly right, then do you offer your self the prospect of great change, opportunity, and growth.

#365 Many Realities Are Intersecting Now

Dear Jeanne,
It feels as if we have all been on a spiritual roller coaster, being shown so many amazing things and then being dropped into deep valleys of confrontation with reality on this earth. Our habits, desires, needs, and wants on all levels seem to have been tested and presented to us in many ways lately. I feel that this is so good for us all, but at the same time I see many people struggling to keep up with what is being offered because the pace is so fast and intense and the opportunities are flying by so quickly.

I, personally, feel challenged to grasp everything being revealed, to not lose any of the insights, but that’s impossible. It would be a full time job. How do we retain the energy and the magic of this time so that we will have it for use later when the intensity has died down? I don’t want to forget and I know others also are learning that vital spiritual connection is essential in their lives.

Do not worry regarding this time of energetic revelation. Many things are revealed, yet also are many things imprinted already in the catalog of your inner world. You do not need to worry about capturing all that flies by so quickly. Yes, I know that in the blink of an eye can something new be revealed and you may not be sure you even saw it or grasped the reality of it. But be assured that your growth will not falter, though your stamina may be tested over and over again in order to continue pushing you forward.

This time of energetic confluence and convergence is unique, and that is what you seem to be speaking of. You seem to have noticed that a powerful energy is pushing for not only awakening, but participation. I see many attempts to participate being enacted now by all of you Dear Ones, and this is commendable. I also see that there is confusion at this awakening that is taking place, but do know that you are safe. You are all in good energy and good places of resonance. You are simply being alerted to your own powers of awareness, cognition, and spiritual certainty.

You do not need to grasp everything. As you say, My Dear One, your experiences are many. They are intense and they are often brief as well. But simply having the experiences, no matter how short or lightly touched on, is the main thing. Support is surrounding you and the entire earth now; support for growth, and support for trusting your experiences as real and as necessary. The intensity is necessary to wake you up. This waking up is for you personally, in your own lives upon that earth, as well as for your spiritual growth.

When I speak of waking up, I speak now of quite a brutal and confrontational awakening for many of you. But if you sit back and contemplate where you are and what you are being confronted with, so do I think you will see that it is most necessary for this to happen and for you to be put in a position of discovering your strengths and your path now more firmly.

This is an intense time, as you have already said, but it is an intense time of overlapping methods and practices of growth too. You will discover that there are many layers active simultaneously in your lives now. You are being offered the opportunity to participate in life most fully because your many realities are intersecting now, asking you to participate in all of them at once. You are being asked to participate in new ventures in your lives upon that earth, in your physical realities, perhaps your family structures, your jobs, your home situations. Your utter basic daily lives are being prodded to be restructured now, or progress once begun is now being pushed to completion.

Your spirit self is also being prodded to accept its own truths of existence, not only asking you to fully accept this aspect of self, but to take the journey it offers. It offers the recapitulation learning journey, and it offers the necessary package of all your spiritual capabilities as well.

On another level are you being prodded from outside of self, outside of both physical and spiritual self, to keep going, to not get stuck in either place, but to assimilate all of your physical and spiritual aspects in the greater energy that asks for your participation. The greater energy encompasses your guides, your abilities to communicate with us, and your abilities to travel beyond your physical self and the spiritual self thus far defined within that physical self.

You are, in essence, being asked to trust what is being offered outside of you now too. And this is your biggest challenge. For all of you wonderful evolving beings, now is the time to find your outer connection, to begin to more fully trust this aspect of self. Your compliance in accepting the truth of connection with outer beings, such as myself and others, is being asked for. Yes, you are being tested, quite intensely now, but this testing is by us, your guides and mentors who urge you to accept the fact that you are fully capable of connection with us.

I know that many of you are being awakened to this connection now. You walk around in wonder, confusion, perhaps even denial of the reality of such connection, but do know that it is real. Your own experience is real. It is meant for you. It is asking for you to open your self, to continually remain available so that we may begin a new kind of dialogue, offering you guidance and safe journeying, with knowledge of why things are the way they are, so that you may learn to acquiesce to the journey you are on, but also to the power of it as well.

You are being given the gift of knowing that all worlds are one world. You are being shown the multi-leveled universe, the intersecting energies and realities that you participate in daily. Now, with awakening awareness, will this greater reality, this expansive universe, become more acceptable but also more useful to you as you learn to trust it. You must remain cautiously and carefully alert to your many realities. Do not fault the self for the struggles you encounter, or the interpretations you come to. But do accept the progress that comes with all tests and all confrontations.

In order to continue growing, find your stability first in your life upon that earth. Remain grounded and aware of what you must do to progress and grow upon that earth realm. Remain equally aware of your spiritual side. Listen to your inner voice, the one who speaks your truths; your utter calm self who knows what you must do, where you must go, and how you must proceed in order to grow.

Trust these two selves implicitly, as you acquiesce to the life you now live. Combined in body and spirit are you ready to allow the balanced self to open to and interpret what else you are being offered. And if you have not quite had experience of those of us on the other side of that reality, do not worry, we are present anyway. Your reality is greater than you think. Your time of connection and growth has perhaps just begun. Do know that you are supported, protected, and asked to be alert to the signs we offer at all times.

Continue to ride that roller coaster of energy now being offered, if you can. It may appear to be too much too fast, and too intense, but in truth is it just your combination of realities being revealed all at once, that’s all. You may not be able to sort them out or see them clearly, but it isn’t necessary either. Just capture the gist of what is being offered. That is enough to catapult you forward.

Trust me. Trust your connections. Trust your guides; and don’t be afraid to speak the truth of them. Others await acknowledgment of their own truths. Use your own opportunities to be revealing, and you will aid others by speaking your own truths. This is the other part of your test now, to speak up about your own spiritual connections. This time of truth, of spiritual truth being spoken, is ripe for acceptance, supported by the universal energy. But it is also necessary for you all, personally, to speak up about, for your own growth. Offer what you know and what you learn. Do not be afraid any longer to reveal who you truly are and the focus of your life. It is time now to more fully live the life you have been working so hard to establish.

Remember, all aspects of spiritual growth and revelation are fully supported. You will not be left alone, nor will you be rejected. Your spiritual success is quite assured, My Dears, so don’t be afraid to take the spiritual adventure now being offered. Welcome to another reality!

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