#299 Learning Detachment, Purpose and the Reality of Life

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages lately have been extremely helpful to people. Today I would like to ask you to give us guidance for the next few days. How can we stay grounded in our inner work when the outside world pulls with so much that wants our attention? And how do we balance that with giving our energy to things that really do matter and need our participation and attention?

My Dear Jan, this is really a question of learning detachment, purpose, and the reality of life, as it must be lived, in a grounded and balanced manner. The inner work is of utmost importance, but so is attention to your duties equally so. To become sloppy in any area of life is not particularly proper for any reason. No excuses, I say. Get your jobs done, your duties attended to, and pay attention to your life upon that Earth in the minutest of details, leaving nothing undone.

An evolutionary being is attentive and energetic, with well-distributed balance in all areas of life. Know your place. Know your skills. Know your time frame. Know your most important chores and your least important, and know what is most meaningful for your life to be as you desire it. For to attend to the practical according to someone else’s plan is not conducive to living a meaningful life according to your own standards of right knowing and inner truths. You must all know who you are, where you stand on issues of importance, and you must prepare your selves to stick with the convictions and the truths of who you truly are.

Balance all of that with time each day for inner contemplation and interest in the inner self. Perhaps even just some quiet reading on the subject will be enough to sustain you until you have more time to explore the self. Allow inner thinking to take over the old chatter of voices that continue to control your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Determine to do things differently in your own solid inner true way. Look at life and your issues differently, from your inner perspective now, wholly owned, and recognizably coming from the true inner you. Contemplate your life, your outer life, from this true inner self now more often, and see how you begin to think, and act, and feel slightly, or even greatly differently from your old actions, and thoughts, and deeds.

These are all actions of detachment, learning to center your thoughts and actions from your inner you, rather than the outer you. But yes, it does require reserving time for the self. Perhaps on busy days this will have to wait until you are asleep, and then you can dream and explore your life with your true energetic self as your knowing guide. In times of stress return always to inner centered calm. With your heart immediately your focus, can you attend to awareness of outer turmoil differently. Return always to truth of the self, inner knowing of self, before action, before words are spoken, and before decisions are made. Return to inner knowing of self, and from this place of calm will right words be spoken, and right actions be taken.

Do not harbor fears for the future, for it has yet to unfold. Do you wish for it to unfold as it will? Or do you wish to plan every step of the way, so that real life has no opportunity to approach you and offer its gifts? I suggest allowing it to present itself, and then going into your place of inner knowing to determine your next direction. Allow life to flow, and you too will flow.

I can attest, My Dear Jan, that you are pretty good at such flow and acceptance of life, and you are open to the energy that approaches. This is as it should be, but your place of detachment sometimes jumps to the fore, before your inner knowing is truly heard. I do not recommend jumping ahead to anything, nor do I recommend concluding endings before a step has been taken. Take the step that is right, go bravely forward, heart first, always open to seeking resonance, and then determine your way.

Balance is necessary now, for all who reside upon that Earth. A deluge of outer energy is sweeping upon that plane, that level, stirring up the ire of many, and filling the pockets of the rich with greater riches, while the masses struggle. This time is a time of concern of coming devastation. Be certain that it will not last, but until it is over will there be much dispute, political and personal, about which is the best way to proceed.

You all know, My Dear Readers, that the best way to proceed in life is with your heart centered inner knowing speaking louder than the turmoil outside of you. Turn up the inner volume, My Dears, so you can hear what is being spoken. It will be the truth. Have no doubt about it.

I suggest you stick with that as you go into the next few days, staying centered there; calmly living your life; using only what you need; not taking what is not necessary; and protecting the Earth and all the creatures upon it, for they deserve life as much as you do, participants in this grand plan of life upon that planet, learning what it means to be in an evolutionary process.

That is what you all are, students and participants in an evolutionary process. Your place in the process is inside the self. Find your balance always there first. Then will you be better prepared, and ready to tackle the outer world and its desires and needs. Look to the truth for your answers. If you can’t quite find the truth, then go back into your heart center and look again. And listen well to your inner spirit; it speaks only truth, resonating outward through your heart its message of love, compassion, and right action.