#265 Enact Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for today?

Unearth now your deepest desires for growth and transformation, and allow your life to be lived by them. Inculcate a new transitional period by living more fully now your spirit guided life. Do not hesitate in this endeavor, for the sooner you begin your new version of living upon that Earth, the sooner will change happen, not only in your own life, but in all life.

The simplest concept is all it takes to begin a process of change, and that concept, basic and easy though it may be, is so often neglected in thought and deed, and is considered unreliable by those who push for drastic change. That concept is: that all energy affects all other energy, that your actions affect all other actions, that your inner intent has affect outside of you.

To demand change will have little effect, but to enact change will have great effect. It is as simple as that! Begin by shifting your own intent, using your energy in a positive, transformational way in your personal life. Allow your own inner spirit to guide you in your outer life more often and more fully now, and see what begins to happen in the world around you. Shift negative thinking, and ideas of worldwide despair to a positive transitional energetic momentum, beginning within your own body and your own inner self. Express your inner spirit self now, immediately, in some fashion, and see what happens.

Today is a day of change, and you can urge that change in a positive direction by participating in the energy of change from your inner spirit self. Use your intent, from your deeply searching inner self, to energetically begin a new life. Begin from your inner place of calm, with a balanced perspective on who you now are, a being who is headed for evolutionary life. Use all that you know, and all that you aspire to experience to aid you now, as you continue your journey.

Today is a day of change. With focus on the positive, with good for all of mankind, an awakening that will shift that world into a new transition, based on spirit experience and spirit intent, is perfectly possible, acceptable, and desirable. Your own wish for shift and change is echoed by many. Allow your energy for truth, and for spirit-driven actions, to be part of the new force for change. Allow your calm inner quiet, your meditations, and your prayers to escape outward now from your inner self to engage the energies seeking resonant, reciprocal energies.

Turn your heart-centered breathing outward now, from your heart, into the universe of other heart-centered energies, and become part of the greater energy for good, and for change. As you breathe your heart-centered breath, as you warm your heart chakra, and allow it to soothe and invigorate you in your inner work, begin to shift it outward, reversing your breathing intent so that you turn your energy outward, into the greater world, sending your heart-centered calm and self-loving breath out to meet the calm and self-loving breaths of others on the same path of growth, transition, and evolution. Then take it back again, into your self, back into your own heart chakra, your center, strengthened now with the intent of energetic convergence, and watch the mighty effects of such gentle persuasion.

Direct your intent outward in order to stir up positive change now. You are all ready for this, capable of participating, and fully prepared for a different day. Make it be different by your own shift now. Do not allow the change to take over your life, but instead use the energy of change for your own positive good and that of the world around you. Take over control of this inevitable aspect of change, and allow it to release its energy in a new way. Don’t wait for it to roll over you and knock you down. Harness it instead, and put it to work, making good use of it. You may be surprised by how much power you really have to enact change in your life. I dare you to shift today, out of your seat of complacency and non-action, and really take over your energy, driving your vehicle now from your innermost source of power, and see where that takes you!

NOTE: Jeanne is referring to Heart-centered Breathing originally offered in Message #77 and listed in the sidebar under Guidance on this channeling page.