#266 Wipe Clean the Foggy Mirror Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Do not alleviate symptoms of change with old habits. Rely now on your new inner knowledge of the self to weather through this time of transition. Centering, balancing calm will ultimately prove to be your greatest asset and your most loyal attribute. Do not consider your situation hopeless, or unaccomplishable, for that would merely be feeding the big baby a great big bottle. Find now your stability in your deep inner knowing. Hear the clear voice of your mature and quietly situated self speaking the truth of your next move. Determine once again, that you are on a journey; every step is necessary. And if you are going to stay upon this journey of change, so must you be prepared to move along your path every day, with your head up, looking forward, with positive awareness of your life as meaningful, and truly necessary.

Do not allow your old habits to come knocking at your door. Determine now new methods and new means of living your life. Each day, make a commitment to your self that you will do it differently now. You will continue to take steps of change. These new steps will show you, without a doubt, that life holds more than you can imagine behind the veils of the future, as yet unrevealed. Your progress now must be made with awareness, eyes opened wide, and a knowing that you are on the journey that you must take for evolutionary growth.

It is not a time to be afraid, though drastic change may cause you to shake in your boots. It is not a time to call upon old fears to save you and swamp you. It is not a time to bury your self in your old patterns of behavior, nor to turn to others to rescue you. This time of change now upon that Earth calls for a concerted shift into mature consciousness. It is time to stop playing games with spirituality and your awakening self, and remove all pretenses and all coverings that you parade around with that keep you only half-heartedly acknowledging of your truth, and your journey. It is now time to accept the bare facts of your self as a journeyer of meaning, and of awareness.

Wipe clean the foggy mirror today, and take a good look at who you are, right now. Who is that person looking back at you? If the mirror fogs over again, then wipe it clean continuously as you allow your self to wake up to the reality of who you are. Do not shirk from your truths. Accept them, so that you may proceed now during this time of change. This time of change offers only truth revealed. Do not allow the foggy veils of the past ideas of the self, and the habits of the previous years, to take away what is being revealed.

If you can accept the shifts that have taken place while you have been unaware, and unalert, so can you accept this moment as your moment of real change and growth. From this day forward, I advise and encourage, All of You Journeyers, to keep your eyes clear, your future revealed, and your past equally so, in order to avoid getting caught in the veils again. With clarity of vision will clarity of purpose be revealed, and this is what you ultimately seek.

Your life’s purpose will remain hidden as long as your ability to accept and embrace change is thwarted by the veils of oblivion. But remember, those veils, those habits, and those old routines are so well known to you, so apparent, and so reliable that you know every aspect of them, how they work, and how they don’t work any more. Aren’t you tired of them? Aren’t you ready for this great shift, now being presented to you? Aren’t you ready to see the truths of who you are, and who you are to become?

This energy of change asks for commitment. It asks for staying in the flow of it, without falling back into your habits of oblivion, fear, and the habits of the big baby. This time of change asks you to consciously decide that now is the time to finally allow for real growth, while clarity is present, and will remain available if you decide to step into it, rather than back into the veils. What do you choose today? Are you ready to stay in your clarity? Ready to walk out of the veils, the fog now, and bear your truths as your fuel and your fodder for the journey ahead?

Ask your self today, while you gain awareness, as a shift opens a door or a window for you, if you are going to stay upon this path of awakening. This awakening is offering you a real opportunity now. Are you going to accept it, and continue to grow, living a new life with maturity, clarity, and awareness of your spirit guiding you? Don’t back away from it! Be careful, My Dears, you may miss a wonderful opportunity.