#264 I am a Student of Life-I am My Own Teacher

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today? Can you also tell us what the energy over the next few days will be like as we go into the weekend?

Do not look too far outside of the self for pleasure and for compromise. Do not attach to what is happening around you. Do not soften your inner work, but keep it going in a balanced and calm way. To compromise that, at this time, for attachment to outer pleasures would result in stagnancy. I advise continued work on the self even though the tendency is to reward and retire from the busyness of the work week.

Remain focused. Try to use your time wisely even though your routine does change at the week’s end. Incorporate all that you are learning now into your activities beyond the self, as you interact with others, and as you accept offers of conjugation.

Be aware that the energy does continue to offer challenge, and observe that your own ability to read the energy is now enhancing, even incrementally, as you take in the content of these messages. Be aware that the intent of this awakening is being spread, and many are waiting to discover it in you in order to not only recognize it in them selves, but in order to allow it to gain importance in their own lives. Although there may be much talk of awakening, do you already know that the only true awakening is the inner awakening.

Do not look too far outside of your self now for recognition or significant resonance in others. Remain innerly focused. Note, with your own inner work, that yes, there is a new feeling, and a new awareness of spirit, and of energy, but do not get drawn to it too heavily. Allow it to be present, for it will have impact where an awakening is necessary, but your own inner work must not get sidelined.

Use the weekend energy to remain steady, balanced, and calm. Stay innerly quiet and focused. Retreat from too much outer activity as you allow your self the seclusion necessary in order to remain on a contemplative and deeply questing streak. Your inner work is of utmost importance. Continue turning to that as you get drawn outward by the energy, and the frenzy of the energy that continues to swirl, and invite, and even possibly captivate.

All in all, does it not matter what the energy does to you, or to others. What does matter though, is that you remind your self often to go innerly; to return to your quiet; to allow your self the luxury of continued self work; and that you do not fault the self for the steps you choose to take. If the energy entices you, and you accept its invitation to play in its buoyancy, so be it. But remain aware that the energy has the tendency to take over, and you may get swept up in its delight at having found you to be a tasty morsel. If so, when it spits you out after chewing upon you for a while, allow your self to study the experience, and chalk it up to energetic oblivion. Recognize what that means. Use it to teach your self.

That is all you need to do, be your own student and your own teacher. Go into your classroom continually, and write on the blackboard: “I am a student of life. I am my own teacher. I learn my lessons so I can graduate into new life.” In so doing, do you give your self permission to experience life, learn from your experiences with your inner knowing as your guide, and continue to seek your evolutionary path.

So, as this week does shift for many of you, accept your self for who you are now, where you are now; and know that you are an evolutionary being, full of energy, and eager for life to continually unfold and teach you what you need to learn. Allow your self to be aware of the energy, to feel it, see it, smell it, and have the experience of it. But mostly, pull in to your inner sanctum with all that you interpret in your life, and learn from it. Life is your greatest teacher. The energy is your lesson. And you are the pupil.

Good Luck, My Fine Travelers! I look forward to hearing from you all as you make your way through the energies that seek to teach you about your own energy. That is what you should remain focused on in order to not lose your well-earned progress.