#263 Your Fears Seek to Lead You to Your Proper Destination

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today?

Do not harbor fears of the unknown as you take your journey, for the unknown is but the next step yet to be revealed, and there is no reason to be afraid. Each step is but your life opening up before you, the unknown becoming real. Accept your journey, all aspects of it. The mysteries of the past, and the mysteries of the future are yours, the parts of you that make you whole. If you own both the known aspects of the self and the unknown aspects of the self, why then do you fear anything? You already have everything inside you. Your journey is but a step-by-step revealing of your truths. Your participation in the journey is all that is necessary. By taking your journey with awareness, and unbiased acceptance of every thing you encounter, is what makes it an evolutionary journey.

In order to truly evolve is it essential that you remain aware of every step along the way as equally important. Pay attention to your fears, for they seek to lead you to your proper destination, pointing out the confrontations you must have in order to stay upon your path. Do not stay attached to the fears in your life, for then do you but remain stuck, and unable to proceed. If you allow fear to take you by the hand, will it lead you into its dark cave alongside your path, and keep you to itself, rather than allow you to progress. Fear wishes to keep you bound to itself, for its own comforts, making you think it is protecting you from your own discomforts, but in reality is it but feeding off your energy. It implies protection, yet is it in fact deceiving you, and keeping you off the evolutionary track.

When fear arises is it a flag, signaling work and challenge ahead. When fear arises is it time to buckle down, and study the self, and figure out why the flag of fear has been raised. It is the moments of fear in your life that present you with your greatest potential to grow.

Tackle fear with the courage and the skills of an evolutionary being. Take upon you the abilities you have been learning, and look at every aspect of that fear from as many different angles as possible. Do not take the conventional road when addressing your fear, for then do you stay upon the route that fear lurks along, and it knows every curve in that route, and every roadside hideout. Be unconventional, and you will trick it, and win at its own game. Fear does not easily give up. It is a sore loser and prefers to win at all costs, so expect it to be tricky, conniving, and relentless.

The energy of now supports fear in its many characteristics, allowing it to stay active, yet hidden. It is working to capture you at this very moment, even though you are not aware of is presence. This energy holds much that is not visible. If you are to use this energy that now circulates, must you remain keenly aware that there are other forces seeking your attention, wishing to draw you from your concentrated work on the self. But most of those forces are but aspects of the self that must be confronted and dismantled. They do not know that you are aware of this. They think you will fall into your old habits and patterns of behavior. They think you are as predictable as ever. But you have now in fact learned that they are not your friends. They do not wish to aid you on your journey, but keep you to themselves for their own needs and desires.

Do not reveal your knowledge, but knock them dead as they approach you. Confront your fears, and your hidden agendas that seek to sabotage your progress; and keep plowing ahead, without them now. You will find that your energy is flowing more easily as a result of your battles against them; that your spirit is enlivened, and your outlook on life fresh and inviting. Continue your progress today. Confront your fears from a new angle. Avoid your old habits, and take on your journey now with new eyes, and new weapons, as you meet your challenges.

This is good for now. Look beyond this one day, to those ahead. Remain focused on the journey, as an evolutionary one, full of opportunity and fraught with change. For that is what you seek, to change!