#262 Open Up to the Truth of Your Innocence

Dear Jeanne,
What’s up with the energy today, and what should we be aware of?

A new turning and aligning is taking place, rousting old vulnerabilities, with the tendency for spitfire retorts, so be aware of your inner conflicts arising to the surface and being presented when you least expect them. Seek to understand what the inner self is trying to say to you as it allows truths to sneak out of you without your permission. Now is a time of uncompromising innocence, so keep that in mind also as you go about your day.

What do you mean by uncompromising innocence?

By that I mean that innocence will not back down, nor should it any more. It will seek to alert you to what you must learn about the self, even though it may be unpleasant, or even life threatening, to life lived as you now know it, which may need to change in order to incorporate your innocence into your life. There will be no backing down now, for innocence must rule in your own life, and in the world. Don’t worry; it will all be good.

Your innocence lies just below the surface of your control. It seeks to alert you often to its presence, though most often do you skirt past it to the big baby, where you prefer to snuggle up with the familiar smells and needs of that aspect of the self. However, the big baby is attached to the ego self and the desires of the world outside of you, and thus is not the true self. But, it is the self who must be examined thoroughly, cleaned up, and put to rest. It is the self who constantly cries out, “What about me? Pay attention to meeee!” That is the big baby ego, the victimized poor me aspect that is exceedingly unattractive and unable to make the evolutionary journey. Unattractive in that it seeks to take over the journey, and is not conducive to growth.

Today you may find the big baby crying out, and your attention will surely be drawn to comfort, treat, and placate this part of the self. But that would be a disaster. Do not identify with this aspect of the self. Or if you find that your vulnerabilities appear to be attacked from outside of you, perhaps by another person, or by events in your life, do not allow this big baby to feel sorry for itself. Shift your attention instead to your adult, aware, and deeply seeking inner self who knows, without a doubt, that identifying with the big baby is big trouble.

As you continue your journey today, be aware that the energy is volatile again, conniving still, and eager to sabotage your progress. It would love nothing more than to capture you in an old place and feed off your baby food. So don’t feed your own big baby. Do not give it a bottle, or any of that mushy baby food, because if you do that you will merely be feeding and attracting the energy that is looking for fodder.

As you encounter your own big baby, or the big baby in others, step away from the mewling and the crying that it uses to entice you to placate it. Step back and use your awareness to question why. Then open up to the truth of your innocence that the big baby is hiding from you. Innocence is pure truth, and pure energy, with no attachments to anything. Innocence plays, for the energetic experience of it, but asks for nothing in return. Innocence seeks connection with the truth of you, and accepts every uncovered aspect of the inner and outer self as it is revealed. Innocence does not judge, nor does it covet, nor expect anything in return. It desires only that you seek acceptance of this aspect of the self, and allow it to become part of your life because it is important for your evolutionary journey.

Do not hide today from your innocence. Do not run and hide from that big baby either. Recognize the big baby, and remember that you are an evolving being. Everything is meaningful, and everything is a necessary encounter in order for you to understand who you are. Give the big baby a pat on the back and send it back into slumber, but take what it has pointed out to you as a message, and know that it is an aspect of the self that must be addressed; not as a baby, but as a seeker of truth.

Allow your innocence to come out now and become part of your process of growth and discovery. When the time is right, you will need to have that innocence available more often. So get to know who that is. As the world changes, will innocence lead the way to join in that changing world and become a life partner, full of guidance and truth.

Now is the beginning of change that involves speaking of truths. Do not allow the old rants of the big baby to continue to rule your life, or the world around you. This energy now upon that Earth does ask you to examine your past habits that have kept your wheels spinning in place. It is time to recognize where the glitches are in your life, and to remember that you have been stuck in them before. Recognize the repeating of patterns, and seek to shift now, with the energy, into a new habit of self-questioning that focuses on change, on trusting of the inner self, and on acknowledging the innocence of that inner self.

Your tendernesses, your vulnerabilities, your pure intentions to grow, and evolve, and be able to live from that inner aspect of the self, rather than the old outer self, are all well-supported now. Even though the energy may throw you into old darkness, do not run from the truth of it, but learn all that you can about the self as you sort your way through your revelations as they are being presented, and take with you only the truths revealed. Put the big baby to rest once it has shown you what you need to know, and then accept your truths, your innocence revealed, and take that with you into the world. See what happens as you allow your innocence to join you on your journey. Only good will result. I guarantee that is the only way to evolve, and it is what the greater world around you needs too. Allow innocence to guide you and show you the way, first to your true self, then to your true place in the world, and then to the truth of the changing world outside of you. It isn’t easy, but it is going to be worth it.