#261 The Way to Engage the Outer World is With Meaningful Resonance Coming From Deeply Inside Your Core

Dear Jeanne,
What is your message about today?

I am not inclined to go too far from my recent missives, to remain cognizant of the surrounding energy, but also to keep your focus inward. The outside energy will seek you as luscious fodder, for that is its habit, and its delight, but if you remain inward turned will your back be less appealing than the tastiness of your vulnerable heart. Continue to allow your self to explore your inner needs and desires. Find the direction you must now take in your life, for this is a time of change, and it does call for all upon that earth to wake up and make some very heart-felt decisions that will exert power in the world. By this I mean that your energetic change within the self, and in your own world, will have effect outside of you.

In order for change to happen, however, must you remain aware of what is going on outside of you, and how it is affecting you on the inside. Your inner journey must remain the main focus, even as you are pulled outward by the dramas of the world around you. The energy will seek to feed off you, but that does not mean you should step out of your inner sanctuary and wave at it, or call it to you. Do not tease that energy that now seeks sustenance. It is not the playful kind, but instead is it volatile, hungry energy that will knock you off your feet if you allow it to get too close.

Ward it off by remaining innerly focused, but be aware, at all times, of its presence. Remind your self often to turn inward, and contemplate and investigate your inner questions, even if they at first appear to be outer questions related to that energy and the potential it has to wreak havoc in the world. Turn from the negative power of it, and become inwardly focused on your inner dilemmas, for only there will you be able to solve the riddles and the problems in your life. You carry within you all the solutions, all the answers, and all the responses that you need to grow and evolve.

The outside energy is present to aid you as you do your inner work. Keep focused on that and you will do well. And don’t forget that, the way to engage the outer world is with meaningful resonance coming from deeply inside your core, finding it as you do your inner work, and then testing it in the world outside you, as you seek to find the true meaning for your life. In order to do this must you recognize the negative, hungry energy, slip past it, avoiding its feasting eyes, and eager lips; and swiftly skirting past it, seek only energetic convergence now that is right for you. This involves seeking resonance in all aspects of your life, not only in your relationships, and your jobs, but with everything you encounter, from the food you put into your body, to the books you read, to the way you drive, the means by which you determine your days’ activities, and who you choose to interact with, and in what manner you speak, think, feel, and act. All aspects of the self, and the life you live, should now come around to involvement in your greater journey, your heart-centered journey of Self, and of Evolution.

So when seeking resonance, do so not only to avoid the intensity of the outside energy that is not conducive to growth, but do so for the right reasons; for growth, and change. Make your choices for the reasons that truly matter. And in this way will you begin to notice that you are not as drawn to the negative energy, but that you automatically begin to seek out resonant energy, because it is the only thing that feels right. Trust your feelings about the energy more often now. Test them, and you will find that turning inward becomes so natural that what is going on in the outside world slinks away from you as you become less tasty to it, and your own centeredness becomes a staunch barrier to its seeking of easy prey.

In this manner of seeking resonant energy, by focusing always on your inner right knowing, and right action, will you discover your way in life, with true inner resonance as not only your guide, but your intuitive, knowing partner, acting upon it without question. As you become more centered, and as you seek your true place in that world, will you understand how the energy outside of you truly works for its own sake, but also for yours, if you know how to use it.

This is good for now. Watch your energy, keeping it close to you in your heart-center, in the palms of your cupped hands, warmly close to you, protecting it, as you notice what comes calling for it, wanting its tasty morsel upon its platter. Keep it to your self!