#260 Often a Glitch Will Appear

Dear Jeanne,
Personally, I noticed that Friday’s energy was absurdly misaligned. I felt it internally, but also noticed it outside of me; nothing felt quite right. I don’t think you mentioned anything unusual, but I felt it greatly, and I know it affected a lot of people. It seemed to continue into Saturday, but by Sunday it was finally much calmer. What was that all about?

Jan, there are constantly shifts taking place, and often a glitch will appear, catch, and hold; a retrospective spinning takes place, and nothing moves, almost as if wheels are spinning in place, and that is what happened. During such times, is it possible to grasp truths as they are revealed, though often people get caught up in the drama of such times. When a glitch happens is there both the opportunity and the possibility for great shift to take place.

Energetically is such misalignment, as you called it and felt, an opportunity to glimpse something previously hidden from view. It is a time of clarity, while also a time of restraint as the world stops, as if standing still; and in those moments, or hours, is there opportunity for just about anything to happen. It is a time fraught with evolutionary possibility, and those who succeed in accessing that energy for growth will learn quite a lot.

Personally, I gained some good clarity, but it also became clear that the energy affected a lot of people, both tragically and frighteningly. It was also a harassing and annoying energy; at least that’s how I experienced it.

Yes, it does involve all of those responses, as it is an energy of abrupt shift; stalling, spinning energy that is better observed, rather than engaged, if one is not prepared or knowledgeable about how energy works. But more importantly, is it an energy of change that offers one the opportunity for a great shift if one is aware.

Well, what can we look forward to now?

Take with you the lessons of that energy into the coming days. For even though I urge upon you all a new balance of greater awareness and participation in the world as an evolutionary spirit worker, while still working on the deeper issues of the self, so must you always juggle the energy that approaches. It is forever circulating. So that energy of the past few days will return, but not for a while yet. Expect it quarterly, in a few months time. Sometimes it is of longer duration, and sometimes but a blip on the screen of life. Now as you refocus on your life, the meaning of it, and the direction you are choosing, so also remain cognizant of your vulnerability to the energy outside of you. It does affect you, and it can infiltrate your inner field and catch you off guard.

Be aware that you have emerged now from the clutches of that energy as you have been doing your inner work. Each day, as you do your truth-seeking self work, your inner work, do you emerge from the malaise and the haze of outside energy, replacing it with your own energy, in alignment with your spirit. It is possible to siphon off only the energy from outside of you that is useful, and leave the rest to seek other energetic resting. If you remain innerly focused, is it possible to not only deflect the energy of times of glitch, but to gain new energy from its powerful whirlwind. For it does generate tremendous build up of energy that must be released when the glitch time has passed. You may have experienced the glitch, but you may have also experienced the end of it, as it finally caught up with itself, and energetically closed the door it had opened, and sped off with a burst of speed, slipping, and sliding in its own eagerness to catch up to itself.

Can you elaborate on that glitch a little more?

It is a spinning-in-place energy that exerts such force that veils are blown aside, doors pushed open, and revelations presented, glimpses offered; and the opportunity to slip through the energetic window that opens is possible. It is a time of intensity without direction, and a tendency to get lost in the energy is most often the case, because although awareness is keen, you may not recognize the danger of such time of glitch in the energetic framework.

Wow, I just remembered, we were watching “The Matrix” on Friday night when I felt the greatest intensity of that energy, a movie full of glitches, veils, illusions, and realities revealed. An interesting synchronicity.

Such times offer an opportunity to learn more about how energy works. It is not always flowing, nor is it always readily discernible. More often than not is it tricky and conniving, for it seeks new energy to sustain it, yet is it also essential to life. But your inner journey must always be the focus. No matter what happens around you must your questioning always return to: What does this mean for an evolutionary spirit journey?

Detach from getting caught in the drama, and focus always on the journey, for that is where your energy and your attention must remain. Did you find out something important about your self during that time of glitch? Did you do the inner work that we talked about last week, even though the energy outside of you sought to suck you into its intensity? Or did you throw it off, and stay steady? A little bit of both?

It doesn’t matter what happened, except in the context of now. What will you do now? What is your next move? Step onward now, into a new energetic time zone, and accept your responsibilities to remain on a path of growth. Keep aware of the energy. Try to feel it outside of you often, and allow your instinctual reading of it to guide you more often now. You can do it. It isn’t that hard. Trust your instincts. Allow your inner knowing to guide you. See what happens next to aid you on your journey. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?