#259 Create a New Meaning of Life Upon That Earth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

What do you want to do with your lives? All You Readers of My Messages, now is the time to not only consider that question, but make a decision that is progressive and energetically conducive to the times. There are many jobs waiting to be done upon that Earth that are necessary in order to bring together the seekers, and create a new meaning of life upon that Earth.

Existence upon that plane must now take on a new meaning overall in order for evolutionary growth to continue. Are you a figure of this new awareness that is so necessary? Do not fall for the rhetoric that separates and disguises the truth. Do not hide behind one doctrine or another. Do not use revolution, or disaster, to compensate for the true spirit desire for growth.

These times need change, but that change must come from the underlying truth of all human beings; that you are all energy first, that you are all spirit grounded, and that your time there upon that Earth is limited, and meant to be used for evolutionary purposes.

Continue to discover the inner truths of the self, but now make a more concerted effort to discover how you will use your energy on a daily basis. Think: I am energy first. I must feed and strengthen my energetic persona, and allow it to grow now, in this lifetime. I must discover the true self, who is now, and I must discover my collective self, my past lives; and with knowledge of my journey seek to find the way to conclude this passage upon Earth, so that I may evolve. My time here is limited. Am I doing the work I need to do in order to go on to new life when I am done here, when my body is done? I must keep my spirit constantly nurtured and balanced, and allow for expression of that spirit, so that it is offered the opportunity to lead me into new life.

These are the ideas behind evolutionary growth, My Dears. Keep in mind that life upon that Earth is for learning about energy, and about truth, and for understanding how to evolve, and how to move on to the next level of awareness. In my own case upon that Earth was I last Jeanne Marie Ketchel, and I gained awareness of energetic possibilities while there. I was allowed the opportunity to concentrate upon my energy body with the support of my beloved Chuck, and the strength of the universe behind me. Everything was lined up for me to do so, and I knew it was all I had left to do, though I sought much time upon that Earth in order to learn as much as possible before I left. This process did prepare me for continued evolution. I have not ceased my growth, but have evolved beyond, several levels now, achieving greater awareness, and learning many new things. I have teachers and guides always available to me. Keep in mind that once the evolutionary track is selected is there great support for you to have the opportunity to continue.

If you have chosen this track, now must you use the energy available to expand your awareness beyond your self. This is called for now during this time of crumbling, and earthbound demise. Not only is this a time of individual evolution, with great potential for the individual to grow, but it is a time of necessity for the entire planet to raise awareness of spirit potential.

Problems upon that Earth can be solved with a new awareness, a shift in perspective, and an acknowledgment of what spirit energy really is, and really means for the entire population of that world. There is such potential waiting to be unleashed. Can you find a way to unleash it? First in your own life, and then by example, and by following the signs, allowing your own true spirit to become involved in a worldwide effort of awakening?

This is the challenge I must pose now, over and over again. For without participation in this energetic possibility, from those who are aware and alert, is there concern that this awakening will not have the desired effect. My companions and I do not intend to stop our efforts. There is now a grand connection that is so interconnected that the end is in sight, with the possibility for an explosion of awareness. But it does now need more daring; from those of you who are part of this web of connectedness with us, to speak out, act out, and be spirit first.

Continue your inner work, but be aware of the larger awareness that is brewing and stewing, and don’t be afraid to speak out about your experiences of this great pot of awareness that is waiting to be tested and tasted. Find your connection, and use it to the greatest advantage, for your self, and for those in your nearness, by your example and your deeds. Oh, and welcome to the group! And thank you for all of your efforts. They are noticed, and eagerly appreciated and taken in to the greater awareness. Energy is the key to everything. Don’t be afraid to use it!