#174 Turn Inward and Protect

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today, something specific and significant for just this day?

Hold steady now in your place of calm, though the energy abounds to ignite tempers and begin a war, either within or without. Do not go to battle, either against the self or against others, but simply remain in your firmly grounded position of calm knowing of the self. Disregard the barbs and the spears that may shoot past you, or the untruths that arise from within to disrupt your quiet journey. Outside influences seek to invade, policing and protecting what they ascertain belongs to them, but your inner you must remain keenly alert to such invaders and reject their attempts to infiltrate your boundaries. This sort of surprise attack will be observed outside of you as well. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is outside of you, in the world around you, or in others. Do not think you are exempt. The energy that now abounds is tenacious and deviant, and will find openings in order to feed its greed and its insatiable appetite, for it fears its own demise, and will fight ferociously to sustain itself.

Turn inward and protect and nurture your inner boundaries, even as your outer boundaries must also be protected. Reserve time for quick security checks throughout this time of energetic consequence when the unwanted seek entry for their own purposes alone. You have now honed your skills to a good point, and must aid yourself by using what you know works for your calm and quiet alertness to remain intact, and actively protective of your inner you.

The outside world may reflect such consequences of aggressive behavior that you also exhibit and experience. There is great energetic force now upon that earth that seeks change, and change often happens as a result of devastation, and so may it be now. But keep always in your knowing, that such change is necessary, cannot be avoided if it is truly the only way that progress can be made. Seek, even in times of destructive energy, the calm inner self; look for resonance in your own life, and understand the signs of change all around you. These signs are also meant for you to notice and pay attention to for what they signal in your own life that desires, and needs, and knows that change is now of utmost importance.

Do not be afraid of change; it is how evolution and growth spur forth new life, and new adventures. But do be concerned for your own growth now, remaining alert and aware, so that you use this time of energetic absurdity to advantage. Do not get caught in the war, but do use it to turn inwards and discuss your own shortcomings, and your own needs for resolution, and positive, healthy change in your own life, both your outer life, and your inner life. No matter what happens, remain focused on spirit growth, spirit resonance, and spirit knowing to guide you. Be brave, and steady warriors of the spirit revolution, and enact great change in this new and so desirable manner, for in so doing will there eventually be an energetic shift that will benefit all mankind. Even as the Dark Ages do loom in your knowing, so are you fully capable of changing the outcome of your own life, and the world around you. It all begins with you. Stay spirit energized and focused. This is good!