#147 Outside Energy is Not Your Energy Source

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us regarding the energy of today?

Find your equilibrium, your inner balance, and your outer balance, as you continue to hone your skills and pare down your external energy usage. Turn constantly inward as you renegotiate your stance upon that earth and rediscover your life’s meaning now, from this new place you inhabit. With new skills, new ideas to contemplate, and new insights regarding life’s journey are you now well prepared to continually progress on your evolutionary journey with greater focus.

Do not stop your forward motion in the direction of eternal growth. Do not allow that which is around you to distract you from this path. Even as you must be a member of that world, that planet, and that life you now lead, so must your focus remain inner contemplation, and eternal growth, for real progress to be made. Allow yourself this time now, this day, this hour, this minute to resort to calm, reasserting your balance as often as possible as you go about your day. Your inner state will determine your outer state. And this is how it should be, rather than the other way around. Do not allow the outer world to invade the privacy of your inner calm. Your inner sanctum must be your central place of balance, your core, from which you generate your energy. If you allow the outside energy to dictate your own energy usage and consumption then do you go off balance, overconsume, overuse, and generally make a mess of things. The outside energy is not your energy source. It is available as guide and as aid, but it is not your energy center. That center resides solely inside you. Do not look outside of you to gain new energy. Look only inside. And if you do not find what you need there? Then slow down your life and look deeply at why. The answers are all inside you. You do not have to go outward for answers.

The only thing you must now use the outside energy for is guidance. It will enable you to do the work of the self if you are aware that it is not meant for consumption, but only for external usage. Use it to aid you in the flow of life, the flow of your inner work, but do not allow it to become your flow. Allow it to carry you upon its back when you are certain that it heads in the right direction for you to take. And if it turns out that you made a mistake, then, by all means, bail out before you find yourself on a distant shore, too far from your calm center, and your own inner work, to easily return.

Return always to your calmness, your inner work, and when in doubt about how to proceed on your journey turn inward, and question, rather than outward. Inward reveals the answers; outward steals your attention away from the truth and carries you from your true mission in life.

Today, awareness of the self in all of that mess of energetic pull is mandatory, for with the great tangled web of energy seeking to catch you unaware and unalert are you ready prey. But your inner focus and inner questioning are your handiest tools. What does this signify for my life’s journey? Why am I being presented with this dilemma today? What does this attempt to steal my energy, in just this way, mean to me now?

Remain steadily balanced in the present moment, aware that your journey is one of constant growth and readjustment, and remain in calmness, no matter what approaches you, so that your focus on your inner truths will always be your guide.