#146 Resort to Competent Knowing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Resort to competent knowing of the self. Resort to surefire abilities, and rely on your deepest inner knowing and truth to guide you through the turbulent waters ahead. The eddies and swells do pull and push and seek to overturn your steady vessel. But do not allow such insistence to knock you from your perch as captain of your own little ship. Continually bring yourself back to calmness, and do not allow the struggles outside of you to disrupt your inner calm and your quiet resolve to stay focused upon your path.

Outside of you will there, undoubtedly, be the swirls of storm and much ambivalence. But do not allow this to misguide you. For this day, and for this time of teasing, must you remain deeply committed to your own competent knowing. You have within everything you need to guide you, to protect you, to feed you the perfect knowledge of how to proceed on your journey.

Resort to that, rather than anything outside you that will, without a doubt, seek your attention. This is good, solid advice for this day ahead of you, if I do say so myself. Be aware, beware, but stay focused on your calm competent knowing that you are the central character, the captain of your ship, and worth every attention you give to your inner journey!