#145 Close the Door

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any guidance for us all today?

Watch now, as you do your inner work, how things around you unfold, with your inner concentration protecting you from attachment where previously you had gotten caught. Notice your actions, reactions, and confrontations as different now. As your focus remains innerly, so does your outer world diffuse, become less distracting, less annoying, less as an obstruction as you flow more gracefully with the energy all around you.

I suggest strict adherence to your plans for inner growth now, during this time of energetic turmoil, or you will be forced into situations you are seeking to abandon now as you go on a new journey. Allow your inner focus to not only guide you, but protect you from areas of excess, fear, and distraction. Stay upon your path at all costs or you will have much catching up to do when the great shift takes place in the coming months.

The great shift refers to energy; powerful energetic shifting from this time of distraction, and undercurrents of old ways, to a new vital energy that you must be ready for as it has the power to carry you far if you are prepared for it. Your inner work will prepare you greatly for this shift to come, but until then does there remain the strong undercurrents of turmoil and distraction that seek to divert you from your path, hungry for whatever it can find to feed its insatiable appetite. To avoid wasting your own energy, to avoid being drawn from your path, and to avoid the lack of progress on your inner work must your concentration and focus be tightly honed and prioritized. Avoidance of old behaviors, turning inward to new habits of self study, and seeking of experiences of your own energy body are the better habits to focus on.

Allow outside energy to do what it will. It has nothing to do with you or your inner work at this time. It seeks distraction of your inner focus in order to feed its own focus, which is greed and consumption of all that is made available to it, without discernment or discrimination, just simple gluttonizing of energy. So don’t get caught by this great consumer who does not even taste your special brand of energy, not even noticing how tasty you are, but simply laps up all. Don’t waste your beautiful energy on such a glutton.

Instead, protect it; use it wisely for your self. And as you turn your back on the big gluttonous feeders, so will they pass you by, for they will not notice you if you stay protected on your inner work. It is up to you. Do you offer up your scent, your secret hiding place where your energy is stored and growing, revealing that you exist? Or do you close the door and remain warm, safe, and protected from the big noses that come sniffing, looking for whatever is available? Don’t open your door to such a monster! Be sensible, be balanced, be calm in your inner work, but do not get drawn outward. That time will come shortly when this energy of turmoil has wreaked its havoc and moved on, then will there appear the energy of focused change, much more compatible with the inner spirit.

For now, allow the outer forces to go on their way, passing you by, as you remain happy and contented as you work for your own growth, so that your future in the world may be settled and ready for bigger adventures of spirit and of your own, known, energetic spirit energy, merging with the universal power of change.