#143 The Greatest Task to Tackle

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today? Your messages are helping many as they figure out their lives, who they are, why they are here, and where they are going.

I speak often in metaphorical terms, but this does not mean I am not connected to the realities of life on earth. I too was a recent inhabitant of that plane, and I too had many personal issues to struggle with. I was not perfect in either my habits or my convictions, yet did I always strive to stay focused on my own path of growth. I had many helpers along the way. I was guided by the good spirits in many friends and my loved one, Chuck. But ultimately, was it up to me to make my journey alone, as it is for all. I had many choices to make that no one else could make for me, and I had not much time to fulfill my earthly presence. All in all, my greatest challenge did not come in that life, but in the moment of leaving, when I had to make the choice to work even harder in order to proceed on my journey into this reality I now exist in, rather than slip back into old habits, the ultimate old habits of return to earth life, and the repetition of unfinished business there.

I accepted a new challenge, procured a place on the evolutionary track because of much work I had done while still alive. Although I had a fierce battle with breast cancer, that was not my greatest battle upon that earth as many would like to think. Do not put me in such a category. My greatest battle was not with disease, but with the inner me. I fought my greatest battle inside, in my inner work, that was a life long task stretching over all the decades of my life there.

Resolution of inner turmoil is the greatest task to tackle and to finalize, with firmness, conviction, and a totality of completion that surpasses even the strictest of regimens. There are no rules regarding this inner battle, except that you meet it head on. Rules must go out the window if you are to allow yourself access to your deepest hidden truths. Rules are made for your outer world and living your outer life. But if you apply those same rules of propriety and concern to your inner world, you will succeed only in blocking access to your truths.

Be forthright and courageous as you go innerly to do battle with ancient foes. Your kindness to the self will only get in the way if you allow for the rules of the outer world to inflict their presence in your inner world, disrupting progress. Your inner you does battle with you all the time, and perhaps you don’t even know this. It is your toughest opponent, and your greatest challenger.

Your inner you presents you with everything you need in order to work on the true problem areas in your life. Your outer world only reflects these inner problems, even as in my own life. My cancer, which battered my body, was only alerting me to the fact that deeply embedded was another, ancient, cancer that I refused to tackle; the issue of abandonment at birth from my birth mother. This issue controlled my life, though it took me many years to realize that it was the one and only issue that challenged me and that I needed to battle. Battle, not by fighting, but by acquiescing to the task of discovering what it really meant to me in my life.

My attempts were thwarted, and in my firm control over my fears, and in my determined personality to regulate so much of my life there, did I never succeed in finding my way to clarity for that Jeanne Marie Ketchel. She was a tough cookie!

It was not until my death, as I left one world and entered the next, at that moment of culmination and rebirth, that I finally allowed, not only release, but clarity and acceptance of that quickly passing life to guide me to my next. My awareness was keen, my path lay wide open before me, and I knew release and departure from the past were my only future. I chose not only release, but also reconciliation, and remained half in one world and half in another, balanced, perfectly straddling two worlds in order to accomplish my unfinished business, the issue not only of abandonment, but of reconciliation and completion of that task, that lifetime, so that I could move on.

How? What did you do in order to complete it?

I found that mother I had so often longed to meet, in another life upon that earth, completing again her task, her own task of fulfillment with a new child, yet unborn, that was now her destiny to raise and love and care for as she was both unable to accomplish with me in my lifetime, and also unavailable to do in many ways when I was born as her child. There were no regrets at accomplishing this task of completion, just awareness on both our parts that this baby inside her was the most meaningful aspect of a lifetime of struggle with earth’s realities. I accomplished it in my own newly discovered state of complete awareness, of joyous escape from the harsh burden of a human body after long physical battles, and a new found experience of joyous compassion and love.

There exists a child now upon that earth, residing in joyous love and compassion, not me at all, but granted to a woman who once, in another lifetime, was denied the act of mothering, of giving, of loving her own offspring, without the struggle of rejection, though the circumstances of their life together would not necessarily make that easy.

Where do they live?

They live in the ancient land that was Cambodia, but now goes under another name, split off from its mother territory. This child will never split off from her mother territory, from her bond, for it is strong and true, and completely known to both of them. A reconciliation of two lifetimes was my own appointed task in order for me to move on to the world I now inhabit.

What is that world like?

In observance is it like any world you might live in there on earth, yet is there greater clarity, and awareness of all things. I have chosen this world. Do you understand that? This is my choice, though it is not the choice that all make. There are many choices, and many worlds. The ultimate task is to know, at the moment of clear understanding, while straddling two worlds, what your choices are, and to choose wisely, based on what you remember from your past, and what you see in your future. And to know that all life requires awareness, work, and continued growth of spirit.

But now, I reside in energetic reality without the need of human form, and that allows for an exuberance of spirit that is not present upon that heavy plane of earth where time and the constraints of man weigh heavily upon the spirit that seeks renewal and progress. To remain upon the spirit driven path, to live a life confronted by the desires of your spirit will allow you much clarity and decision-making ability, such as I experienced. To remain in your most difficult inner work center, taking upon you the tasks that matter the most for your evolutionary growth, are the focuses I advise if you are to awaken your inner spirit and do the work it asks.

In conclusion today, I request that you not become fearful or overly certain of yourself, either your human self or your spirit self, but that you work hard at merging your two selves in that work, and gain clarity now, that same clarity that I faced as I left that world. Let it be known, that such clarity is achievable now in that lifetime, and that is what I seek to teach you. Do your inner work, live your outer life to the fullest, but do so with balanced, conscious awareness that you are on a path of mergence, of body and spirit, of outer world and inner world, of this life and the next, seeking not only clarity, but fulfillment as well.

Good luck, my friends. Life is an amazing adventure! Know this and you will have given yourself quite a gift!