#142 A Simplified Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of humanity today?

Do not be greedy in the wants of the mortal self. Though you may see much bounty and much upon that earth that entices you, do not take more than you need. The earth supplies everything, yet that does not mean you need to take everything. Take only what you need from that earth, and that physical plane to sustain you for one day at a time. Live in this simple manner and you live in harmony with nature and with all that has been provided.

Simplify your life so that your wants do not become greater than your actual needs. Slow your pace to a calm steady walk and you will find that your desires will also slow down. Calm your seeking, down to the inner you, and you will realize that there is very little you need to go seeking outside of the self for. Pull inward in calm preparation for a simplified life.

Even as you are like a tree in the forest, firmly rooted and growing among the others, so must you be as one, as a single tree among many, knowing what you need to sustain your life, though you are bound to one spot, rooted deeply, and seeking light, and air, and water, even as all around you seek the same. Do you thoughtlessly take all, or do you calmly and naturally allow your roots and your branches and your leaves to grow and spread where there is room? The lives of trees are good examples of the path that human lives should take.

Yes, there are brutes among the forest, but there is life and death on every plane, and lives return. Even from the old roots, and the dropped seeds does life spring again and re-incarnate in the bounty of the forest, each new life taking and seeking where it finds what it needs.

Find what you need in your own life now. Find it with resonance of spirit, without greed, or heavy desire, but with calmness, knowing that you are but a part of nature and the flow of all things. Even as that earth now strains to support all of you so can you do your part to support it in return, simply by simplifying. Turn down the loud tone of your life to a calm hum and feel the energy around you, guiding you to use what is offered, minimally, with respect, and with nurturance for its prospect of sustainability.

In simple metaphor, why, if you only need a few sticks today to make a small fire, do you go gathering all the sticks so that there are none left for others? More sticks will drop from the trees during the winds of night, and from the natural occurrences of decay and animal activities, so that tomorrow will there once again be plenty available. Those sticks represent all else that the earth provides as well. Why have you forgotten about the earth? Why have you gone so far from your roots?

In this time of turmoil and passive regrets must there be a turning, a shifting inward, to investigate the motives of the self, though many wish to look outward and to blame. Better to turn inward now, release the seeking of reasons for decay from outside of the self, and instead seek inward for answers. There is much to do upon that earth now that was not meant to be of such dire focus, but that is what man has done in his outward seeking, using his ego and his desire to fuel him, rather than his calm and his spirit resonance. But, to change it all does not require more destruction and more disagreement, but instead a solid turning inward to investigations of the self.

Though this may sound impertinent or selfish to many, is there no doubt that to first discover simplicity, and conscientious re-discovery of the inner spirit, will aid greatly in fueling a new sense of the place that each of you has in that world. Seek your true place first, and then live from this place of simple calm, and your outward movements into the greater world will be different. Your calm energetic and simplified self will use differently, treat others differently, and have different expectations of, not only others, but of the world and the very earth itself.

As always, I do not advocate abrupt and dismissive change, nor do I advise total removal from the life you now live. But, I do strongly recommend that you begin a process of slow simplification, a paring down of your desires, and your spending, and a slow turning inward, as you calmly go innerly, and discover the true meaning of your life, and what you really need for it to be fulfilling.

Question always your movements, your actions, and your thoughts. Wonder why, and wonder what for, you do what you do. Is it for survival? Or is it for some other less necessary reason? Begin a slow process of simplification, and begin to see how well you do with all things in your life, including breathing, sleeping, eating, as you go calmer, and calmer, and calmer. That is the way to go!