#141 Be As a Strong and Sturdy Tree

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for today?

Remain anchored in inner peace and calm in order to stay firmly upon your path. Even as the turmoil around you seeks to disrupt, please, do I ask, for your own growth, that you remain planted in your balanced calm state of knowing what is truly right for you. Your actions, your deeds, and your every thought must come from this place of deep inner calm or you risk reverting to old ways, and old habits, easily drawn by distractions, and the teasing of old behaviors. Stay in your inner peace as you practice the way of all ways, your own inner way, for this is how you will achieve this life you are now on. The calm of your inner you will lead you to ultimate growth and a place of constant change, even as you stay firmly anchored.

Be as a strong and sturdy tree, deeply anchored, pondering life all around it, allowing for the birds, and the animals, to have access to its boughs and its bounty, yet does it remain solid, and calmly fixed upon its plot of earth. Even as the winds come, and the seasons, so does it flow with every change, yet still remain calmly centered. In its own inner peace does it grow and evolve, bend and twist, and constantly adapt with the changing winds of time.

Be as the sturdy tree, firmly planted, exultant in your inner calm steadiness, yet flexible, and able to flow and to grow with the weather that approaches, the seasons that force change, and the unpredictableness of life as it continues onward.

Inner peace and calm, with deep roots anchoring you, balancing you, connecting you, and nurturing you will result in a full canopy of blossoms, of leaves, of fruits, and of connection to all else as you maintain perfect balance and perfect flow. Enable yourself, allow yourself, in this way. Become connected to all life energy as you connect, and stay connected, in calm inner peace, to your own energy. Stay focused on your path and you will do well, my friends.