#101 Unscramble

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Unscramble now all that you know, all that you have received, and all that is placed before you. Decipher your life in the context of knowledge and balanced centered knowing, and resolve to fix your life so that your focus remains forward on growth.

Unscramble the meaning of my messages in your life. Find the significance of them. Unscramble the meaning of the signs in your life and abide by them. Unscramble your inner knowing and gain clarity now so that your direction and your progress are no longer hindered.

As you uncover your truths do not confuse yourself with new covers, but remain open and aware of yourself so that you may continually be available for clarity of vision, of knowing, and of purpose. Your life is under the direction of your own spirit, so take control and do not become bogged down by old habits. Your ability to gain clarity has been well tested already. Do not doubt this, but use it now to fully explore and enjoy life as you stay now focused on newness, on truth, and on your path of honesty with the self fully unveiled and adventuresome. Life invites you to live it fully now. And the energy of today invites you to take time to sort through the tangle of all that you have learned and absorbed through all these many messages. Organize, and gain clarity, and continue on, you good travelers. You are doing well. Continue your brave foray into the spirit self, into discovery of the truth, and of the real mysteries of life. See you down the road a way. Good journeying!