#100 Uncover

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance or a brief message for us today?

Uncover now all that keeps you hidden from the truth. The true self must be revealed in order for evolution to take place. There will be little movement unless you reveal yourself, first truthfully to yourself, and then fully to all around you. This does not mean in an entitled, whiny, big baby fashion, but in an adult fashion, fully accepting responsibility for your life, your adventures, your cares, and even your careless moves. Accept every aspect of your past, your journey thus far completed, and look forward to speaking only from your truth, from your center, and from your honesty. Do not hide the self under cover of shame, or resentment, or regret, or false promises. Do not keep the self silent under the covers of the big baby, of the big ego, but allow the true innocent self, the evolving self, to unburden now the heavy covers of old and be freed so that your innocence may lead you forward now.

Too many of you hide. Too many of you refuse exposure. But, for what reason? Ego or fear? Big babies have big egos and desire to stay under the covers, but evolving, mature beings quietly and courageously accept the truths of themselves and move on without flaunting their achievements, without screaming their woes, and without asking others to be responsible for them.

Are you not all adults? Are you not all eager to evolve and to connect with spirit, both your own and others around you? Well, advance a little further along your path today. Swipe off the heavy covers that keep you tucked into your old ways and step out into a new self. Ask for mature knowledge of the self, freed of the old covers, hiding your truth, and then see what truths are revealed. Accept what you learn about the self today, no matter how difficult or confrontational this revelation may be, and then discover that you are on a new path now, to the new you. Stand revealed before the self, see clearly inside and out, and accept and love your self for this journey you are on. Go forward now, standing firmly centered and balanced in this self, this truth seeking, uncovered self. It is the next step. Take it!